YesStyle Haul, Part 2: GEO Magic Color Lenses

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As promised, I'm back with a more in-depth review on the lenses that I bought in my very first YesStyle haul. I wanted to give each pair a separate wear test instead of trying to do all three pairs at one time for the sake of both my eyes and my sanity.

Interestingly enough, I have mixed feelings on all three pairs I bought. Let's get right into it.

GEO - CM-901 (3tone Grey)

Stock photo, I do not own!
Of the three pairs I ordered, the grey pair of lenses was by far my most favorite. I wore these for a full 8 hours during a Lolita meet, and I loved how they looked. The lenses were comfortable and easy to put in my eyes, which may be due to their smaller size.

For reference: I don't have any vision issues (as far as I know, lol), so every pair was ordered in the 0.00 prescription.

Photo Credit: 2 Bird Photography
When I ordered these contacts, I thought they were circle lenses, but they're actually more like traditional colored contacts. For those that have ordered contacts from "western" companies, you'll find that these lenses are comparable to that size and style.

For the vivid color and price, these lenses are well worth it. I would absolutely recommend this pair of contacts over the other two. You can grab your own pair of gray lenses here.

YH-302 (Twins Gold Blue)

Stock photo, I do not own!
The blue pair had to be my least favorite of the bunch. All three pairs of Geo lenses are pretty thin, but I had the most trouble getting this set in my eyes.

The lenses kept folding in on themselves, and as such, would fold while I was trying to get them in. The smaller size was somewhat helpful because I definitely had less trouble getting these in my eyes than my circle lenses, but this blue pair was not having it. At one point, I was about to just leave them in the case and try again another day, :/

These are supposed to be blue...
My biggest problem with these lenses is that they don't look blue! At all! Where's the blue, sis?? I tried taking selfies from a thousand different angles, and no matter what I did to get more light on the lenses, they continued to look almost hazel green. I even double checked the vials to make sure I hadn't confused the blue pair with the green ones! I'm not sure if my brown eyes are changing the color of these lenses, but I've never had blue lenses turn green on me before.

As weird as this may sound, this pair was the most uncomfortable as well, even though all three pairs are the same brand/style. Of course, part of that may be stress on my eyes from struggling to get this pair on my eyes, but I could feel them the entire time I had them in. Honestly, it was awful, especially because I wore them to go see a movie. I found myself constantly adjusting my contacts throughout the day, and after just five hours, I hurried home to take them out.

The blue lenses were around the same price as the other two pairs, but I wouldn't buy them again. The color just wasn't there for me, and the other pairs were just so much better. Maybe they would look better on brighter eyes? If you'd like to take a look at the listing for the blue pair, use this link.

YH-303 (Twins Gold Green)

Stock photo, I do not own!
The green pair made it to second place easily. They weren't my most favorite, but they look good and they get the job done. Again, these lenses aren't really for enlargement as much as they are for enhancement/color, and they definitely served that purpose.

Thankfully, the green pair actually looks green, lol.

Green lenses.
The green shade is vivid and shows up well both in person and in pictures. As far as wearability goes, I didn't wear these for more than six hours, but I could have. The green pair didn't give me much trouble while putting them in or taking them out, so that's a definite plus. I would buy this pair again, along with the fantastic gray pair. You can grab your own set here.

In my last review, I mentioned how ridiculous it is that YesStyle forces the customer to buy each lens individually, as opposed to two at a time to make a set. Since then, I realized why they have that ordering option -- for people with different prescriptions in each eye. I still think YesStyle runs the risk of having people order a single lens on accident, but ultimately, everyone knows how many eyes they have, lol.

All and all, I say 2 out of 3 isn't bad for my first order. Though I would have liked larger lenses, that was my fault for not reading the measurements, and has no bearing on Geo or YesStyle. I would definitely order lenses from YesStyle again, especially with their constant sales and multitude of ways to get credit and discounts. 

If you want to place your own order for these contacts (or any of the millions of other items) from YesStyle, use this referral link to get 5% off your first order!

Do you have a favorite shop for circle lenses? Maybe you avoid contacts altogether because it's too painful/difficult? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!

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Until next time, my loves!

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  1. When I do get lenses, I tend to get mine directly from Geo (they have lots of sales too and their shipping is fast), but I see the appeal of adding these to your YesStyle order. But as I wear my glasses a lot, these lenses literally end up a special event/when I really feel like it kind of deal, which they're slightly too expensive for. Although I do like those green ones you had, I might have a look at those next time I start thinking about lenses ;P

    1. I didn't even know you could order directly from Geo! O__O I'll have to check out their website!

      But yes, with YesStyle, I currently get a 6% discount as a Silver Member plus coupons and birthday points! After the discounts (plus free shipping on orders over $35), it just makes more sense for me to order from there.


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