Friday, July 11, 2014

Bodyline Shoes are here~!

Hello, my precious loves~!

I got some new shoes! I'm going to San Japan in a week, and since this will be my Lolita-only con, I needed some shoes for the coords that I'm wearing. So far, so good; I've got everything planned out and now all that's left is to pack. My line-up consists of: Meta's Fairy Tale on Friday, AP's Star Night Theater on Saturday, and Magical Painting (another Meta print) on Sunday.

I couldn't find the image for SNT's print so I just added a picture of the JSK.
 These images DO NOT belong to me!
Top Right: Fairy Tale print, Right Bottom: Magical Painting, Left: Star Night Theater

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Bodyline using the yen trick and their slower, free shipping. Normally, I'm hesitant to use the free shipping because it can take fooooorrrreeevvveeerrrr, but since it costs an arm and a leg to ship shoes using EMS, the free shipping option was the best choice. All together, I ordered four pairs of shoes, though two pairs were for my fellow comm members.

I ordered Bodyline Shoes 274 in black to wear with my Star Night Theater JSK. They have a slight heel and are pretty shiny.

Shoes 274 Stock Photo from Bodyline, I DO NOT OWN!
I don't usually care for shiny shoes, as I prefer matte, but these were so cute and fit the aesthetic that I was going for. I got them in a size 240, which is about a US size 8. My feet are actually 23.5 cm long (US 7.5), but since I have wide, fat feet, I always go up half a size when ordering shoes. Bodyline shoes are fairly narrow, so getting the 8 was a good idea. They fit perfectly!

Bodyline Shoes 274
My favorite part of these shoes is the bow. On top of being cute, it's just really simple. That was the first thing that attracted me to the shoes -- their simplicity. No complicated straps, no random bows, just a classic, single-strap basic shoe. Oh, and they're pretty comfortable too!

 Kudos to you, Bodyline. Yall get an 8/8 for these babies.

The other pair of shoes I ordered were the Shoes 267. I got them in brown because I wanted a low-heeled, classic shoe that would match my new F+F vest. I'm going to wear the shoes and vest together with my Magical Painting skirt.

Shoes 267 Stock Photo from Bodyline, I DO NOT OWN!
I saw these shoes in person before I bought them, as one of my frilly besties has two pairs -- in white and red. When I started looking for brown shoes, I stumbled on this pair and fell in love with the matte shade of brown. Since I sold my other pair of red shoes, I MAY get these in red later, haha. Anywho, these puppies are comfortable and cute. I think they'd look great paired with some frilly ankle socks!

Bodyline Shoes 267
I got these shoes in a size 240 as well. When I first tried them on, I was worried that the bow wouldn't stretch over my foot. After I slipped them on though, they fit perfectly fine. These shoes get an 8/8 from me, mainly because they are just so comfortable.

I can't wait to go to San Japan and buy even more things! There's going to be an Angelic Pretty booth, as well as a Chantilly booth and some Putumayo too. I'll have to make a haul post once I get back home. 

Oh also~! I'm getting a new camera! So, hopefully my review pictures will be better from now on, hehe.

What shop is your go-to store for Lolita shoes? Tell me all about it in the comments below~! Until next time, honey bunnies!

Stay beautiful...stay true, <3