Monday, September 8, 2014

Taobao Haul #1

Hello, my beautiful loves~!

I ordered some Taobao stuff and figured I'd make a haul post. This was my first time ordering Taobao on my own. I used BuyChina as my shopping service. I like them because their website is very user friendly and you can have a cart. It's very helpful to have a general idea of what I'm going to spend.

All together, I purchased a wig, three hair bows, and a pair of earmuffs. I plan on using the hairbows and the ear muffs for my Queen of Snow coord at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but we'll see if I can even wear that, >_< The petticoat was for a friend.

Taobao Haul
First let's look at the wig. The shop it came from is called CC Kids. Oh my goodness, I love this wig SO MUCH. It's a twin-tail wig that came with a short base wig and two pig tails, I think it's really Sweet, but if I can cut the bangs the way I want, I can use it for Classic.

CC Kids Stock Photo, I DO NOT OWN!!
 I'd say with fees and shipping the wig was probably about $25. I got the wig in the Dark Brown color, since I figured that would suit my skin tone best.

CC Kids wig, in Chocolate Brown

Wig outside of the packaging
So let's look at it worn, shall we~? I fell in love with this extremely versatile wig. I think it's great for a bunch of hair styles; I definitely got my money's worth. It definitely gets an 8 out of 8 from me!

I really want to cut the bangs though, >_< The next item I got came from Pinky Girls, a Taobao shop that makes adorable earmuffs and parasols! I figured what better what to become a "Snow Queen" than with a pair of earmuffs?! These were well made and super cute. These earmuffs were very reasonably priced, about $10 with fees and shipping.

Stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!

Ear Muffs!

Finally I ordered two bows, in the same color from KiraKira. I had no idea they would be the same color, because the first set was named "Ice Blue" and the other was called "Azure". I'm not sure if I ordered them incorrectly or if they just thought I meant to get the same color. Oh well~! They're still cute, so it's okay. The hair bows, with shipping were probably about $6. Works for me!

All and all, I'm very proud of myself for ordering Taobao all on my own. BuyChina makes it super easy, but I will say that it takes a while for items to arrive. I placed this order 7/28 and I got all of these items by 9/5. Even now, the crown I ordered from Baby Piggy (I probably won't order from them again) is still shown as "pending", which sucks since I have a deadline for the item. Hopefully, I get everything when I need it.

Tell me, lovelies, what's your favorite Taobao shop? I'd have to say I have a huge crush on Chess Story and CiCi Works, but CC Kids just proved to me that they are an excellent wig shop.

Until next time! Stay beautiful, stay true, <3


Friday, September 5, 2014

A Super Late San Japan Post and Chantilly

There aren't enough apologies in the world for my terrible inconsistency with this blog so I'll just say yall are awesome for stopping by. I wanted to talk about all the cons I've gone to recently, but since I mostly wore Lolita to San Japan, I'll just make a super brief post about my experience there.

San Japan 2014 was AWESOME! I can't say that enough. The con was super chill and as my first Lolita con, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish. A word of advice though: if you're going to this con, stay in the overflow hotels. There's fewer crowds and the amount of insane elevator traffic is reduced to practically zero. We were lucky to get a room at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio for a reasonable price; it was pretty great.

But back to the con! The San Anontio Lolitas were kind enough to host a Lolita tea party, a fashion show, and a swap and sell on Sunday. Since Lolita was my focus of the con, I went to all these events.

The tea party was my very first "formal" tea! I had lots of fun, and everyone was dressed so cutely! All of the girls were very nice and the coords were just so beautiful. I haven't been in Lolita for very long, so I certainly felt my newbness among all those veterans. It was a great experience for me and the girls in my community.

Random terrible photo of the tea party!
The food was tasty and the tea was really good too. They had a best dressed contest and two ladies from my comm made it to the finals! I was excited for them, but alas, neither of them won. That's okay, babies, y'all are still the prettiest girls around, <3 <3

Afterwards, we took a comm photo~! There was actually a surprising number of DFW girls there, but we knew we would see each other at the con. There haven't been any group photos at meets in a while, so I figured it would be a good idea to get a group picture of everyone all dressed up for the tea party.

Introducing the DFW Metroplex Lolitas!
I didn't get any good pictures at the fashion show or at the swap, so unfortunately all I can say is that everything was well organized and went smoothly. Not bad for my first Lolita con!

Now for the star of the show, the Dealer's Room! When I say I visited this place about four times a day for the entire weekend, I'm not making it up. I'm pretty sure the lovelies at the Harajuku Hearts booth knew my face and name by the end of the con. We went to their shop so much, mostly because it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see real brand, up close and in person. I really wish we could get a Lolita brand to open a shop in South, T_T

The Harajuku Hearts booth
My main goal was to find more blue pieces to add to my wardrobe. Of course, it wasn't hard with Chantilly stuff on the rack! I found a dream piece, and immediately bought the skirt and matching socks.

Enchantlic Enchantilly Phantom Merry-Go-Round Skirt and Blue/Silver diamond OTKs
I enjoyed San Japan so much, I'm going again next year! This was my second time at San Japan and I wasn't disappointed at all. As planned, I wore the three coords that I said I was going to wear. I was so surprised when I wore Star Night Theater -- one of the ladies at the AP/Harajuku Hearts booth helped me find my JSK's secret pocket! I was super excited to have a place to store my cell phone and a tube of chapstick, haha.

My San Japan coords
I also went to AnimeFest in August, but I only wore Lolita for a single day there and then cosplay for the rest of the weekend. If I had to compare, I'd say that I actually like San Japan better than AnimeFest, but not by too much. AnimeFest is a local con though, so it's certainly easier to get to than SJ.

What's your favorite event at cons, guys? For me, I'd have to say Dealer's Room every time. I think I just enjoying shopping wayyyy too much, XP

Until next time! Stay beautiful, stay true.