Sunday, May 18, 2014

WHOA~! So many frills~! (April and May Lolita Haul)

Guys, I am so bad at this. I wanted to try and post something once a week, and that didn't happen, so I told myself that I could DEFINITELY get once a month down.... Except I didn't, >_> I'm sorry to say that I'm fairly inconsistent with this blog, but I will try to do better.

So what have I been doing in the mean time? Giving away my paycheck~! By that I mean, I've been buying so much Lolita stuff in the past two months. My wardrobe has expanded exponentially and my wallet has been crying non-stop since about February. To make matters worse, I recently participate in a Fanplusfriend Group Order and I'm ordering from some Taobao shops next month.

I'm determined to have a real wardrobe soon enough!

Today's post will be a huge photo dump, so please bare with me. I'm so happy to say that I have acquired THREE (3) dream prints in the past two months. I got a great deal on one and the other two I was just really lucky to find.

Say hello to my new babies~!

All my new lovelies~!

These are all of the items I purchased between my last post and now, minus a few things. Here's a list for those that have no idea what these prints are from left to right:

-Bodyline's Bunny Cinderella
-Angelic Pretty's Star Night Theater
-Swimmer Card bag (bottom center)
-Metamorphose Temps de Filles Cat socks in sax
-AP's Royal Cards socks in blue
-Meta's Rose Letter socks in black
-Meta's Happy Bell socks in black
-Bodyline blouse L015 in sax (far back)
-Awesome fasniator hat with blue rose and veil from Etsy
-Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Queen of Snow ~the white kingdom from which a fairy lands gently~ princess skirt
-Meta's Fairy Tale mini skirt in black

Whew~! That's a lot of prints and a whole lot of names. I'm surprised I remember them all. I believe in my Feburary post, I mentioned how important used Lolita sales can be. Almost every item in this post was purchased on one of those sites, with the exception of the Bodyline items. Lacemarket, Mbok and Yahoo Japan are the ultimate Lolita resource!


From left to right: Bodyline's Bunny Cinderalla and AP's Star Night Theater
 I was super excited to finally get Star Night Theater! More so than I was for the Bodyline dress, of course. Regardless, both dresses are very lovely and help fuel my desire to own prints with some shade of blue in them, haha. I was a bit disappointed in Star Night Theater, as I expected the colors to be much more vivid. But it's everything I hoped for and it is super lovely.


From left to right: Bodyline blouse, fascinator hat, and Swimmer Card Bag
 The Bodyline blouse (L015) was affordable and it fit well, so I'm glad to have it in my wardrobe. I ordered another blue blouse and I have a navy dress on the way, so my collection of blue items are growing! I purchased the fascinator hat from Etsy seller, Sister21 and wooooow, is it lovely! I can't take a picture of it worn just yet, since I have my hair braided up and I don't want to mess the clips up. The Swimmer bag is awesome and double-sided! I found it for $25 on Yahoo Japan Auctions.


From bottom to top: AP Playing Cards socks, Meta Rose Letter socks, Metea Cat socks, Meta Happy Bell socks
 Sooo..... I bought a lot of socks. I'm not sure what to say about them except, they're all blue/have some shade of blue in them. Those Meta socks look almost white though! Sorry that they photograph so poorly.


From bottom to top: Meta Fairy Tale mini skirt in black, Queen of Snow princess skirt in sax
I'm not so sure how or why I was so lucky to own these beautiful pieces but oooh my gosh am I excited to wear them! I had never heard of Fairy Tale until my Lolita "senpai" purchased the same skirt in ivory, and when I looked at the other colorways, I fell in love. The Queen of Snow skirt, however, has been a favorite of mine for awhile and I waged a bid war on my cell phone to win it! Personally, I don't think Queen of Snow is a warm weather print, so I probably won't wear it until it gets much cooler. I'll be debuting the Fairy Tale skirt at San Japan~! I'm so excited~!

It was lovely to introduce y'all to all the new darlings in my wardrobe! I have to say though, I really have to stop purchasing at the rate I am, or I'll become REALLY addicted. My goal now is to get rid of the items that "kinda" go with the pieces and my wardrobe and bring in elements that truly mesh and meld with each other. I'm sure it will take a lot of work, but I'm ready to accept the challenge!

How about you, dear readers? Have you made any new purchases that made you squeal with delight? I can't wait to coord all these new things in my wardrobe!

Stay beautiful....stay true, <3