Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Taobao Haul #3: Yoybuy, Sosic Shop, Pico Leather, and Yilia Lolita

Hello, my loves. I say every single post that I'm going to be more consistent but the DNA test determined that was a lie~! XP

But seriously, I'm so terrible with this blogging thing. I'm really hoping that the few times I DO post, though, make a difference for all of the lovely Lolitas out there who are wondering about Taobao shops and other various things.

So, without further ado!

I bought more stuff, >___< I'm always buying stuff so I'm sure that's not a surprise. This time I ordered with two of my frilly friends, and boooooyyyyyy, did we clean house! All together the order had 5 pairs of socks, two pairs of tights, three pairs of shoes, a purse, a bonnet, and three blouses. Our grand total came to $191.16 and shipping was another $70.

Out of everything, five of those items were mine.

Sosic Shop

Stock photo of my shoes! I DO NOT OWN!

 If you've read my blog before, then you know I've ordered from the fantastic Sosic Shop before! They are officially my go-to shop for shoes. This time, I ordered shoes in a custom color that wasn't listed on the site. The agent at Yoybuy was so helpful and understood my request immediately. The shoes took about the normal time to make and they didn't charge me extra for the unique color. These shoes, plus shipping to the SS, was $20. I ordered them in a size 38, which is basically a US size 8.

I'm still happy and in love with this lovely shop so they get a 10 out of 8 from me~! <3 <3

My beautiful silver shoes!

Jade Princess Lolita Hall (wut??)

I'm not quite sure how I found this shop, but they had cute shoes so I got them! Sometimes trying oddly named shops is a catch-22, but I guess I was lucky because THESE. FREAKING. SHOES. ARE. ADORABLE, =)

Stock photo of my shoes! I DO NOT OWN!
The shoes are like pseudo rocking horse shoes, which I was drawn to because they aren't quite as difficult to walk in. They also feel a lot less dangerous to my health, haha. I ordered the shoes in a size 38 as well.

My new shoes!
My biggest complaint with the shoes are the straps. One strap is longer than the other, so I'm going to have to stab a hole in it, in order to make my shoes fit my foot better. At the moment, they don't fit badly, they just feel kinda loose. No worries though -- it's an easy fix.

All together, with shipping to the SS, these puppies cost me $17. Not bad, Lolita-shoe-shop-with-a-long-name. 7 out of 8~!

Pico Leather

So there's this adorable heart bag that I've been eyeing for months. I've had it bookmarked for a good four months, if not more. I finally bought it, yay~!

Stock photo! I do not own!
I'm not sure why I ordered the bag from Pico Leather, except for maybe it was cheaper there than from other shops. But, I'm so happy to own such a freaking cute bag! The pearls are so pretty, but I'm going to have to keep an eye on them, because I'm worried it might snap.

Heart bag with pearls!
For only $17, this precious heart bag can be yours too~! Pico Leather, great job! 8 out of 8.

Yi Liya yilia

I wonder who comes up with the names of these shops? Certainly not I. Yi Liya Yilia has some not so great photography, but I decided to give them a shop because holy crap~! Everything they have is so dang cheap! 

And since I'm never one to stray from a bargain, I goooottttttttttt....

A blouse!
It's just a plain, simple blouse that cost me a whopping $15~! I ordered the blouse in a size XXL, which goes up to a 102 cm bust. At first glance, the blouse looked entirely too small, but once I tried it on, it fit so well! It's also pretty well made for the price.

Actual photo of the blouse!

Button detail!

Though the blouse is very sheer, I actually find that to be a good thing. It's made from a very comfortable chiffon material that will get me through the hot Texas summer. Perfect 8 out of 8 for this shop and this blouse!

Other Stuff~!

Ankle socks and a squishy thing!
So the polka dot socks are darling, but I can't remember the shop I ordered them from. They're really soft and they feel nice~! They were $2.

I also ordered a clip, that ended up being this squishy.... thing, that I have no idea what to do with. It was $1. I am highly disappointed with it, because it's not even the right color. I WANT MY FREAKING DOLLAR BACK!

Ahem~! I was pleased with this GO-round (ehhhhh? get it? get it?)! I'm more than likely going to order more stuff before my birthday, so be on the look out for that.

Have you ever had any bad experiences with Taobao? I know that some people have had some crazy things happen, but I'm thankful that I haven't had anything too terrible happen.... Yet.

Until next time, hunnies!
Stay beautiful, stay true,