Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015, Year in Review!

One of my frilly senpais posted an awesome questionnaire on my community page, so I figured I'd make a blog post of it. Here's my 2015 review, which also serves as a prologue to my start of the year wardrobe post!

1. Your favorite look of 2015
-My favorite look in 2015 is actually more recent than I thought it would be! I absolutely adore my waitress themed French Cafe coord! French Cafe has been a dream dress for a while, so I was super excited to finally get it this year. AND IT'S BLUE!

From San Japan 2015!
Coord Breakdown-
Wig: Lockshop

Beret and glasses: Offbrand

OP and OTKs: AP French Cafe

Apron: Vintage

Shoes: Taobao

Bag (not pictured), random bows, tea cups: Offbrand

2. Your least favorite look of 2015
-There are a lot of coords I wish I had done better but very few disappoint me like my October 2015 coords. Both of these were planned at the last minute and it shows.

October was not a good month for me, >_<
3. Favorite purchase
-Ooohh, this one is tough. I bought *a lot* of stuff in 2015! My favorite purchase of 2015 would have to be... my petticoat! I was in dire need of a good petticoat and what a difference it has made to have one! My petticoat is so awesome that my friends keep borrowing it, @_@ I had to cut off some layers, but it has stayed strong for a while.

Awesome Taobao petti!
4. Least favorite purchase
-Easy. My least favorite purchase was the Sugar Spun Rabbit OP from Pumpkin Cat. This dress was my first ever reserve purchase from Taobao. It's a beautiful dress but the style really doesn't suit me. I tried it on and immediately put it up for sale afterwards, >_<

RIP friend. Stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!
5. An item you wished you purchased but didn’t.
-AP ROYAL CARDS! Freakin A, this dress went on sale a million times (one time for $85!!) and every time it popped up, I didn't have the money for it. Uggghhhhhhhh, *cries forever*

AP Royal Cards, Stock Photo. I DO NOT OWN!

6. Trends you liked and didn’t like from 2015
-Two trends that I didn't like were the super freaking long dresses and the rise of OTT coords. I understand that people want to dress up, but when coords get to the point of not looking like Lolita anymore, I feel like it turns the fashion into a costume.

Also RELIGIOUS MOTIFS: Can we not, y'all? It makes me hella uncomfortable to wear someone else's holy symbols on my body. I reallllllllyyyy don't like that.
That being said, a trend I did like is the changes in sizing availability! More and more Lolita brands are realizing that the fashion isn't just for tiny Japanese girls anymore. I think it shows that the fashion is growing into an international sensation!

7. Favorite release of 2015
-My favorite release is BTSSB's Milky Rail Train. Never have I fallen in love so hard with a dress. It embodies everything I think Lolita should be. I believe this dress is a yearly release, so maybe next year's will have a wider range of sizes, *__*

Stock Photo, I DO NOT OWN!

8. What were your fashion goals of 2015? Did you achieve them?
-My 2015 goal was to buy more OPs! I technically have 2, but I bought and sold like 4, lol. So: mission accomplished!! 

New Year 2016 questions

9. Predict the new trends for 2016
-More cat prints, a comeback for old school, and perhaps the introduction of a new sub-style? Lol, I don't know, I'm just guessing at things. I'm hoping that the major brands start re-releasing/re-vamping old prints. There's so many things I missed out on in the previous years, T_T

10. 2016 releases you are excited for
-I'm pretty sure Meta is going to come out with many more amazing things! I'm also going to be on the lookout for new releases from Chantilly, other AP, Putumayo and Haenuli. In addition, now that I know how to navigate Taobao, I'm extremely excited to see what the smaller companies are going to come out with~!

Also: THIS! It's called the Secret Garden series and comes from the Taobao shop Cat's Broom! I have a mighty need, <3

Collage of all 3 Stock Photos, I DO NOT OWN!

11. Fashion goals for 2016
-Lastly, my goal for 2016 is to get more wigs and hats. The basics to having a great wardrobe is to have many interchangeable pieces. At the moment, I have plenty of main pieces, but not enough accessories to make my wardrobe wholly compatible. Dropping my color choices down to mostly blues has certainly helped, but I need more accessories to help pull everything off. Of course, that won't stop me from buying dresses, but my focus is primarily on headwear and accessories. The good thing is -- that stuff is typically cheaper~! W00t~!

How was your 2015, my precious readers? Even though I had a few dark moments, I'd have to say I accomplished a lot and I'm excited for next year!

I'll be back in the near future with more reviews and of course, a part 2 to my BB cream quest!

Stay beautiful, stay true,

Friday, December 11, 2015

Taobao Haul #4: Best Wish, MuFish, and Under the Umbrella Shown Signs


Guys, I am so bad at this updating thing. I take a million pictures so that I can make some posts and then whoosh~! Time flies by and months later, I still haven't posted like I wanted. Oh well! That's what New Year's Resolutions are for! Or something like that...

My wonderful Mama bought me a full coord for my birthday from Taobao! Well not a "full" full coord, but I basically got an entire outfit. I ordered through Yoybuy as per usual, and then my Mama gave me her card number and paid for the whole order. It wasn't tooo expensive, but I'm thankful to have parents that are supportive of my hobbies.

Onto the review~!

My order!

Altogether, the order was $125. This includes the cost of international shipping through DHL, tracking, insurance, and of course, my stuff. It took about a month for everything to get to the Shopping Service, but it only took a week for the items to get to me.

Best Wish

Product image. I DO NOT OWN!

I heard about Best Wish from Closet of Frills (a daily Lolita page on Facebook). The young lady gushed about how awesome their blouses were, so when I saw a cute, Sailor style blouse, I instantly wanted it! The thing I like most about Best Wish is their sizing. Their blouses go up to 105 cm, which is exxxceeellleeenttttt for busty gals like me! The blouse was really nice and well made for the price. I paid roughly $30 for the blouse.

Ta-da~! New blouse!
A word of caution to all the excited buyers out there: be careful of the sleeves. I wouldn't say my forearms are that wide around, but it was tight enough to make me uncomfortable. The good thing is, the sleeves have buttons on them (super adorable buttons!) so I was able to solve that problem quickly.


The seams are neat and the blouse is sturdy. It's not thin at all. The blouse also came with a small detachable bow. I used it in my hair, lol.

Have a few more detail shots!


Detachable bow with anchor

Back of the blouse.

All and all, I would definitely order from Best Wish again! I certainly plan on it. Best Wish gets a 7 out of 8, because I wasn't prepared for the uncomfortable sleeves.


Stock photo; of course I don't own it.

I've talked about MuFish before, but man their sizing is all over the place. This is the second pair of tights I've ordered from them and while they are everything I've ever wanted, I barely fit them. I didn't have this issue with my other MuFish tights so I was a bit let down that they didn't fit as comfortably as I wanted.

Still -- They're beautiful!!


If you are taller or wider than I am, I would not recommend these tights. They certainly have a stretch to them, but the material isn't as forgiving as the other tights I have. I give them a 5 out of 8.

Weiyi Square Lolita

JSK stock photo, I do not own!

Let me preface this entire section before I move any further with the review. I know *for a fact* that this particular Taobao shop makes replicas. One look at their shop list and it's pretty clear that they replicate many blouse and dresses from other companies. That being said, I personally believe most Sailor Lolita dresses look exactly the same. I wouldn't purchase a replica of a print, but if this dress is a replica of another brand's Sailor JSK, I wouldn't know it.

Anyway, this dress was made to fit me exactly. I give the shop props for offering a custom sizing option -- something a lot of shops don't do. I loved the fit of it, but the material that it is made from is definitely lacking. The dress is really thin too, so that means no Winter coords with this piece,

My JSK in Navy x White!
Despite its thin material, the dress was able to hold my petticoat well without becoming misshapen. It also came with a detachable collar!

Back of the JSK

The buttons on the front and the back are most there for decoration, but I can unbutton the white straps if I need to. All and all, I just wish this dress was made from a thicker material, but hey, for $40, I'm pleased with it.

Close-up of the stitching.

The straps are secure and the buttons seem like they won't fall off from the wind blowing. I'll give this JSK a 6 out of 8, but I don't think I'll order from this Taobao shop again.

Under the Umbrella Shown Signs (But Why??)

Tiny, adorable Sailor parasol!

These Taobao shops have some of the weirdest names, I swear. Seriously, how do they come up with these names? I don't even get it, lol.

Anywho, this adorable umbrella grabbed my attention because of its size and awesome sun-blocking interior. For about $9, you too can enjoy a life free of wrinkles and skin cancer. YAY!

Interestingly (and thankfully) enough, the stock photo is actually lighter than the real life color of the umbrella. Let's take a look, shall we?

Sailor Umbrella

The color is a darker navy than in the stock photo. Oh and also, they sent me a free surgical mask (is that what they are called? I don't even know) with my purchase! It's pink with stars, *__*

The parasol (umbrella?) is pretty compact and even though I struggled to fold it back into its square shape, it is really easy to transport. It was windy the day I wore my coord, however, so it instantly became a really big purse accessory.

I opened my umbrella in the house for you guys, T_T I hope I don't get bad luck!

I ain't scared of no sunlight!
The protective panel on the inside of the umbrella is actually made from a special material that is UPF 50. I certainly plan to carry this around during the hot Texas summers when I'm trying to keep my makeup from melting off my face.

8 out of 8, Taobao umbrella shop! I'll definitely be on the look-out for more cute forms of sun blocking powah. A girl can never have enough protection, :)

All and all, I was pretty pleased with this order. I'm already getting my cart ready for another GO, but we'll see how soon that will happen. I think the next time I order from Taobao, I'll get a wig and a cosplay although I definitely want to try some other Lolita shops.

Dark coord photo of everything worn together!
That's everything, folks! I have a lot of things to review, so I should have more posts up sooner rather than later. Also, I'm still testing out a bunch of different BB creams so look forward to Pt. 2!

Thanks for stopping by and as always: Stay beautiful, stay true.