Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fanplusfriend Review #2: Chiffon Lover and Navy Coat

Hello, my beautiful turtledoves~!

A few months ago, I hosted a F+F GO within my comm. We ordered a bunch of stuff and, as usual, ended up getting free shipping. Since we had a good amount of custom sized items, the order took about a month to get to me, though shipping time was only about three days or so. I love that F+F uses DHL, ^_^

I only bought two items in the GO: the Chiffon Lover JSK in sax and a navy coat. I've been lusting after this coat for a while, and I figured since winter was on the way, it'd be good to get a Lolita coat. Man, was I wrong! It hasn't gotten cold at all; I think the lowest temperatures we've had were in the 30s. Ugh, unpredictable Texas weather strikes again.

Anywho, the items arrived in the typical fugly Fanplusfriend wrap. I'm not sure how they managed to stuff nearly $1000 worth of frills into these packages, but I think the trick is to not use an actual box.

See what I mean? This thing is totally unattractive.
I opened it up and sorted everyone's items, and made sure we got everything we were supposed to. Since we ordered so much stuff, Fanplusfriend gave us a tricorn hat, a spoon (lol, don't ask), a coupon and two resuasble bags for free. Pretty generous of them, if you ask me!

Navy Wool Coat

The "official" name for my new coat is "Cutie Lolita: Thick Wool Short Jacket and Detachable Hood". I'm not really sure where they get their naming conventions, but who cares?! The coat is cute. It's priced currently at $108.15, but F+F has been having more sales lately.

Short Jacket Stock Photo. I DO NOT OWN!

I got the coat in a size Lady 95 so that I would have a bit of room. I'm really glad I did, because the coat is shorter than I thought it would be. At 5'2", the coat sits right at my waist, making it a great Lolita coat, though it may look a little odd with my every day attire. If you're a busty gal, or a Lolita with a long torso, I suggest ordering the coat in a custom size to add a little length.

Note: The coat is definitely navy, but my camera likes to make things lighter. In real life, the color is darker. Hopefully, the other photos I have can give you a better clue.

Front of the coat.

Back of the coat.
 In addition to having a detachable hood, the coat also has a detachable fur collar. Both pieces connect with a series of buttons and little elastic hoops, which loop around the buttons. I thought it was pretty convenient and all of the buttons are in discrete places. The little bow at the front is also detachable.

One thing I noticed while taking photos of the coat was the tiny pieces of fur that remained on the after I detached the collar. I'll need to purchase a lint roller in the future, haha. The tiny pieces don't really bother me, but I plan to keep an eye on the collar and the hood in case of excessive shedding.

Buttons that attach the fur collar.
 The inside of the coat has this lovely plaid pattern. I slipped it on and felt pretty warm, even indoors. This coat is thick, but I can't really test how well it holds up in the cold at the moment. *grumbles about Texas weather*

Interior of the coat.
So here's a coord I threw together with the coat! As you can see, the coat looks darker in this photo. The color in this image is closer to what it looks like in real life. All and all I give the coat a 6 out of 8. While I think it's a beautiful coat, the length kinda threw me off.

Coord Breakdown: Fanplusfriend Coat, BTSSB Douce Collection Chocolatier JSK, Bodyline socks and shoes
Chiffon Lover JSK

Stock Photo of Chiffon Lover JSK in sax and white. I DO NOT OWN THIS IMAGE!
During our GO, F+F had most of the Chiffon Lover series on sale so I got this dress for around $70. I believe it's about $85 at the moment, but again, most buyers could probably catch it on sale pretty soon.

I have to say as a lady with a fairly large bust, the ruffle on the front was a bit of a turn off for me. It's not that I dislike it as far as the style goes, I just thinks it draws more attention to my neckline, which isn't something I want. That being said, the rest of the dress is absolutely beautiful.

Packaged JSK.
I got the dress in a Lady 80. It fits, but I would not recommend that size for anyone with a bust over 105 cm. Even with full back shirring, it would hardly stretch higher than that.

The dress is made of a lightweight material and is perfect for Spring and Summer. It's breezy without being too thin, but it wouldn't stand up in places with seriously cold winters. I can imagine this dress looking lovely in a Country or Alice Lolita coord.

Front of the Chiffon Lover JSK.
The straps on the JSK are just ribbons, meaning you have to tie them yourself. It was a bitttttt difficult to tie them without having the dress on, but once I got it on, I figured it all out. I especially like the ribbon at the waist.

Back of the JSK.
Due to its lightweight fabric, the dress is a tad bit on the see-through side. To combat that, F+F put a sort of slip on the inside of the dress. It helps keep everyone from seeing your petticoat and bloomers. I wouldn't recommend wearing.... say, a hot pink petti under this, but I tried it on with my black one and it was fine.

Slip on the inside of the JSK.
Again, my biggest problem with this dress is the ruffles at the front of the bust. But it looks so cute with my bunny bolero~! I love sax so I got over my compliant. Excuse the bit of wrinkle at the bottom of the dress: I took it right out of the package and tried it on.

Coord Breakdown: Bunny House bolero, F+F Chiffon Lover JSK, Offbrand tights, Taobao shoes.
I give this dress a 7 out of 8! It fits pretty well, though I wish they had given me a larger size option. I'm a bit on the end of the bust measurement for the Lady 80, and I think a Lady 90 size would have been more comfortable. It's so pretty though!

I can't wait to coord these items in with the rest of my wardrobe. Now if this weather could just give me one cold day to test my coat out in the wild, I'd be really stoked! Alas~!

Since my con season begins next month, expect to see a lot more reviews and posts from me! I ordered a cosplay and I'll be participating in a Taobao order, so there are hauls to be had. In the meantime, I'll be watching that comment box!

Stay beautiful, stay true.