Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taobao Haul #2:, Sosic Shop, MuFish, Red Maria, Ao1, Dream Princess Dress Imprint, and Lolita Secret

Back in early February, I placed a Taobao GO with some friends. We bought a bunch of stuff, and since I haven't placed an order in a while, I wanted to try a new shopping service.

I decided to use Yoybuy after hearing from some friends about how great they are. I find that I agree with them, as ordering was super easy, though there were a few times that they frustrated me. Occasionally, the SS would cancel orders at the drop of a hat. I'd add something to the list to be purchased and the next day my money would be refunded. Of course, they always gave me a reason, but still -- it was annoying.

Since we ordered 4 pairs of shoes (and a bunch of other stuff), our package came to a total weight of about 20 pounds. We paid about $170 for shipping, which included tracking and insurance. I put in the request for the items to be shipped on March 17th. I received the box today, the 25th. Not too shabby, Yoybuy.

Big ol' box of stuff
Everything was stacked and packed neatly in the large box. Each item came in its own plastic bag in addition to the usual packaging. I was happy to see that they shipped all the shoes in their respective boxes. I find shoes are easier to store/locate when they still have the box.

All the items I ordered!
All together, I bought a pair of tights, two pairs of socks, a petticoat, a pair of shoes, a pair of gloves and wristcuffs. I spent about $200 including my part of the shipping.

Sosic Shop

Ribbon Shoes stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!
I ordered a pair of navy blue shoes in a size 38 from Sosic Shop. I wear a US size 7.5, but I have fat feet, so I usually go up a half size to accommodate that. The 38s fit PERFECTLY. You guys have no idea how happy I am with these beauties. They also included an adorable little pink bow in the box as a free gift. They also did custom color shoes for my friend, with no additional charge. I'll absolutely be ordering from them again! They get a 10 out of 8 from me~!

My new shoes!


My tights came from MuFish. I was worried that they wouldn't fit me all that well, but they are surprisingly stretchy and very comfortable. They are made of a smooth fabric and even though I have semi-large thighs and calves, they print doesn't look super stretched out either.

MuFish Tights!

I originally bought the tights to coord with a JSK I wanted (I still have plans to do this), but they were cheap and seriously cute, so I decided to just buy them anyway.

Tights and shoes!
Mufish has such beautiful items, so as I said before: I'll be buying more stuff from them. I'm very happy with the quality of these tights! 8 out of 8, yall~!

Red Maria, Ao1, and Dream Princess Dress Imprint

A sad, lonely wristcuff from Red Maria

I'm pretty disappointed in these two, though perhaps part of the problem was my fault. I ordered a pair of wristcuffs from Red Maria and only received one. I didn't see anything on the page that said each wristcuff had to be purchased separately, but then again, Google Translate may not have translated every single thing on the page exactly. So now I have one wristcuff, and I'm not quiet sure what to do. Use it as a scrunchy maybe? I have no clue, >_> So, Red Maria, I'm sure you guys have great items but right now you get a 3 out of 8. I'm not that happy with y'all.

The OTKs I ordered from Ao1 are pretty tight on my legs. I absolutely do not recommend them for anybody with large calves or knees; the socks hardly have any stretch to them. I can fit them, but barely. They don't cut off circulation or anything but the print at the bottom was definitely stretching out. I probably won't order from them again, but hopefully I can wear the socks with my coords. 4 out of 8.

OTKs  from Ao1

My gloves came from a Taobao shop with a ridiculous name. They fit and they have cute bows on them! I would not recommend them for large hands, however. I bought a black pair because I already have white and sax blue gloves. I really like the bow on these, though I was hoping to wear them with my wristcuffs, *le sigh*. 6 out of 8.


Lolita Secret

I stumbled across Lolita Secret because Classical Puppets was closed for Chinese New Year and I wanted to buy a new petticoat. When I tell you this thing is MASSIVE, I mean, whoa man~! The poof is real. I'm not sure what I can do with a petticoat this large as it is because even at 55 cm, it makes my longest JSKs hover near my knees. I'm thinking I might remove a layer from the inside... or something.

It's a massive cloud~!

I tried the petticoat with three of my longest JSKs: Haenuli's Dreaming Cinderella, and two of my FanplusFriend JSKs. All three held up against the poof, but I think Chiffon Lover is a bit too lightweight to require something so voluminous.

Dreaming Cindy with no petticoat

With my new petticoat!

F+F JSK with the new petticoat!
I'm sure I should have made full blown coords for this, but I figured just showcasing the poof would be good enough. The good thing is now I can buy MUCH longer skirts and JSKs and make them all knee length, haha. I'll give them a 6 out of 8 and keep an eye on deflation as time goes by.

After this entire experience, I can definitely say I'm  pleased with Yoybuy and the shops that I ordered from (except you, Red Maria). I was in a rush because I needed some of these items for Anime Matsuri 2015, so now that they're here, I can get to coording!

Until next time, my lovely readers!

Stay beautiful, stay true.