Monday, September 8, 2014

Taobao Haul #1

Hello, my beautiful loves~!

I ordered some Taobao stuff and figured I'd make a haul post. This was my first time ordering Taobao on my own. I used BuyChina as my shopping service. I like them because their website is very user friendly and you can have a cart. It's very helpful to have a general idea of what I'm going to spend.

All together, I purchased a wig, three hair bows, and a pair of earmuffs. I plan on using the hairbows and the ear muffs for my Queen of Snow coord at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but we'll see if I can even wear that, >_< The petticoat was for a friend.

Taobao Haul
First let's look at the wig. The shop it came from is called CC Kids. Oh my goodness, I love this wig SO MUCH. It's a twin-tail wig that came with a short base wig and two pig tails, I think it's really Sweet, but if I can cut the bangs the way I want, I can use it for Classic.

CC Kids Stock Photo, I DO NOT OWN!!
 I'd say with fees and shipping the wig was probably about $25. I got the wig in the Dark Brown color, since I figured that would suit my skin tone best.

CC Kids wig, in Chocolate Brown

Wig outside of the packaging
So let's look at it worn, shall we~? I fell in love with this extremely versatile wig. I think it's great for a bunch of hair styles; I definitely got my money's worth. It definitely gets an 8 out of 8 from me!

I really want to cut the bangs though, >_< The next item I got came from Pinky Girls, a Taobao shop that makes adorable earmuffs and parasols! I figured what better what to become a "Snow Queen" than with a pair of earmuffs?! These were well made and super cute. These earmuffs were very reasonably priced, about $10 with fees and shipping.

Stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!

Ear Muffs!

Finally I ordered two bows, in the same color from KiraKira. I had no idea they would be the same color, because the first set was named "Ice Blue" and the other was called "Azure". I'm not sure if I ordered them incorrectly or if they just thought I meant to get the same color. Oh well~! They're still cute, so it's okay. The hair bows, with shipping were probably about $6. Works for me!

All and all, I'm very proud of myself for ordering Taobao all on my own. BuyChina makes it super easy, but I will say that it takes a while for items to arrive. I placed this order 7/28 and I got all of these items by 9/5. Even now, the crown I ordered from Baby Piggy (I probably won't order from them again) is still shown as "pending", which sucks since I have a deadline for the item. Hopefully, I get everything when I need it.

Tell me, lovelies, what's your favorite Taobao shop? I'd have to say I have a huge crush on Chess Story and CiCi Works, but CC Kids just proved to me that they are an excellent wig shop.

Until next time! Stay beautiful, stay true, <3


Friday, September 5, 2014

A Super Late San Japan Post and Chantilly

There aren't enough apologies in the world for my terrible inconsistency with this blog so I'll just say yall are awesome for stopping by. I wanted to talk about all the cons I've gone to recently, but since I mostly wore Lolita to San Japan, I'll just make a super brief post about my experience there.

San Japan 2014 was AWESOME! I can't say that enough. The con was super chill and as my first Lolita con, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish. A word of advice though: if you're going to this con, stay in the overflow hotels. There's fewer crowds and the amount of insane elevator traffic is reduced to practically zero. We were lucky to get a room at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio for a reasonable price; it was pretty great.

But back to the con! The San Anontio Lolitas were kind enough to host a Lolita tea party, a fashion show, and a swap and sell on Sunday. Since Lolita was my focus of the con, I went to all these events.

The tea party was my very first "formal" tea! I had lots of fun, and everyone was dressed so cutely! All of the girls were very nice and the coords were just so beautiful. I haven't been in Lolita for very long, so I certainly felt my newbness among all those veterans. It was a great experience for me and the girls in my community.

Random terrible photo of the tea party!
The food was tasty and the tea was really good too. They had a best dressed contest and two ladies from my comm made it to the finals! I was excited for them, but alas, neither of them won. That's okay, babies, y'all are still the prettiest girls around, <3 <3

Afterwards, we took a comm photo~! There was actually a surprising number of DFW girls there, but we knew we would see each other at the con. There haven't been any group photos at meets in a while, so I figured it would be a good idea to get a group picture of everyone all dressed up for the tea party.

Introducing the DFW Metroplex Lolitas!
I didn't get any good pictures at the fashion show or at the swap, so unfortunately all I can say is that everything was well organized and went smoothly. Not bad for my first Lolita con!

Now for the star of the show, the Dealer's Room! When I say I visited this place about four times a day for the entire weekend, I'm not making it up. I'm pretty sure the lovelies at the Harajuku Hearts booth knew my face and name by the end of the con. We went to their shop so much, mostly because it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see real brand, up close and in person. I really wish we could get a Lolita brand to open a shop in South, T_T

The Harajuku Hearts booth
My main goal was to find more blue pieces to add to my wardrobe. Of course, it wasn't hard with Chantilly stuff on the rack! I found a dream piece, and immediately bought the skirt and matching socks.

Enchantlic Enchantilly Phantom Merry-Go-Round Skirt and Blue/Silver diamond OTKs
I enjoyed San Japan so much, I'm going again next year! This was my second time at San Japan and I wasn't disappointed at all. As planned, I wore the three coords that I said I was going to wear. I was so surprised when I wore Star Night Theater -- one of the ladies at the AP/Harajuku Hearts booth helped me find my JSK's secret pocket! I was super excited to have a place to store my cell phone and a tube of chapstick, haha.

My San Japan coords
I also went to AnimeFest in August, but I only wore Lolita for a single day there and then cosplay for the rest of the weekend. If I had to compare, I'd say that I actually like San Japan better than AnimeFest, but not by too much. AnimeFest is a local con though, so it's certainly easier to get to than SJ.

What's your favorite event at cons, guys? For me, I'd have to say Dealer's Room every time. I think I just enjoying shopping wayyyy too much, XP

Until next time! Stay beautiful, stay true.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Bodyline Shoes are here~!

Hello, my precious loves~!

I got some new shoes! I'm going to San Japan in a week, and since this will be my Lolita-only con, I needed some shoes for the coords that I'm wearing. So far, so good; I've got everything planned out and now all that's left is to pack. My line-up consists of: Meta's Fairy Tale on Friday, AP's Star Night Theater on Saturday, and Magical Painting (another Meta print) on Sunday.

I couldn't find the image for SNT's print so I just added a picture of the JSK.
 These images DO NOT belong to me!
Top Right: Fairy Tale print, Right Bottom: Magical Painting, Left: Star Night Theater

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Bodyline using the yen trick and their slower, free shipping. Normally, I'm hesitant to use the free shipping because it can take fooooorrrreeevvveeerrrr, but since it costs an arm and a leg to ship shoes using EMS, the free shipping option was the best choice. All together, I ordered four pairs of shoes, though two pairs were for my fellow comm members.

I ordered Bodyline Shoes 274 in black to wear with my Star Night Theater JSK. They have a slight heel and are pretty shiny.

Shoes 274 Stock Photo from Bodyline, I DO NOT OWN!
I don't usually care for shiny shoes, as I prefer matte, but these were so cute and fit the aesthetic that I was going for. I got them in a size 240, which is about a US size 8. My feet are actually 23.5 cm long (US 7.5), but since I have wide, fat feet, I always go up half a size when ordering shoes. Bodyline shoes are fairly narrow, so getting the 8 was a good idea. They fit perfectly!

Bodyline Shoes 274
My favorite part of these shoes is the bow. On top of being cute, it's just really simple. That was the first thing that attracted me to the shoes -- their simplicity. No complicated straps, no random bows, just a classic, single-strap basic shoe. Oh, and they're pretty comfortable too!

 Kudos to you, Bodyline. Yall get an 8/8 for these babies.

The other pair of shoes I ordered were the Shoes 267. I got them in brown because I wanted a low-heeled, classic shoe that would match my new F+F vest. I'm going to wear the shoes and vest together with my Magical Painting skirt.

Shoes 267 Stock Photo from Bodyline, I DO NOT OWN!
I saw these shoes in person before I bought them, as one of my frilly besties has two pairs -- in white and red. When I started looking for brown shoes, I stumbled on this pair and fell in love with the matte shade of brown. Since I sold my other pair of red shoes, I MAY get these in red later, haha. Anywho, these puppies are comfortable and cute. I think they'd look great paired with some frilly ankle socks!

Bodyline Shoes 267
I got these shoes in a size 240 as well. When I first tried them on, I was worried that the bow wouldn't stretch over my foot. After I slipped them on though, they fit perfectly fine. These shoes get an 8/8 from me, mainly because they are just so comfortable.

I can't wait to go to San Japan and buy even more things! There's going to be an Angelic Pretty booth, as well as a Chantilly booth and some Putumayo too. I'll have to make a haul post once I get back home. 

Oh also~! I'm getting a new camera! So, hopefully my review pictures will be better from now on, hehe.

What shop is your go-to store for Lolita shoes? Tell me all about it in the comments below~! Until next time, honey bunnies!

Stay beautiful...stay true, <3


Friday, June 6, 2014

Fanplusfriend Review (The Lady Marine JSK and Bustle Vest)

Hello, my lovelies~!

In preparation for Con Season 2014, I hosted a Fanplusfriend group order in May. My goal was to spend $650 so that we could qualify for free shipping. Thank the stars I have an awesome comm, because after all was said in done, our group total came to about $750! Clearly, we're overachievers.

Fanplusfriend is a strange animal in the Lolita community. For some reason, it's just kinda... there. It's relatively ignored even though the store offers awesome services like custom sizing, and for some items, even custom colors and fabric. The overall feeling I get from others is that Fanplusfriend isn't bad, but it's not good either. I'm not sure how or why it became this way though, since my first experience with them was extremely positive. I have to say that for me, Fanplusfriend ranks higher than Bodyline.

Anyway~! I ordered several items in this GO, because I don't have a lot of headwear when it comes to Lolita. All together I purchased two berets, a JSK, and this awesome veil. I was in love with everything and I think the quality is good for the price. On top of that, I didn't have to get custom sizing! 10 points to F+F.

Fanplusfriend is very good with communication as well. As soon as I placed the order, I received an e-mail notification from their automated system that said the order was placed. After that, I got an e-mail from someone named Lily, who was kind enough to let me know that one of the items I wanted was out of stock and that they needed more information for a custom sized item. I replied with more information and the order was underway! Lily told me that I would receive the tracking number for the package, but I didn't get one. Imagine my surprise when DHL comes a-knocking at my door three weeks later with a huge package in hand!

Package full of awesome!
I immediately ripped the package open because I couldn't believe that $750 worth of Lolita fit in such a small package. I was expecting a huge box, but nope, everything was stuffed in there. And surprisingly, nothing was squished or misshapen. Awesomeness, right?

A glimpse of  the products

Brown Bustle Vest

My items came in plastic packages that were marked with the Fanplusfriend logo. The first item I opened up was my brown bustle vest. Its "official name" is the Classical Gothic Lolita Detached Frill Bustle Jacket Vest. I ordered the product in a Lady 95, which has a bust of 107 cm and an 86 cm waist. I ordered it a half size up from my normal size because I knew that I would be wearing a blouse underneath the vest. I also asked for a custom color, from the chart provided on the product page. The vest was $58.

Product image, from Fanplusfriend (I DO NOT OWN!)

I was so pleased with the construction and fabric of the vest. The buttons are secure and the fabric is sturdy without feeling too heavy. And I love love love the color.

I bought the vest to make a Classic coord with my Magical Painting skirt. I still have to get shoes, but I wanted to try it on just to make sure I got the colors correct. And surprise, surprise! The two go together pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Excuse my random blue shirt, haha!
Honestly, I wish the vest wasn't so pricey. $58 for a vest is not all that affordable for Lolitas with a tight budget, but it's still cheaper than most brand pieces and it has this super cute bustle in the back! So really, I can't complain too much. F+F, your vest just got an 8/8 from this happy Lolita! Nicely done.


The two berets I purchased were $8 and $12, respectively. Though I haven't had a chance to try them on, I have seen them worn and I was pleased with the quality as well. I took them out of the package just to touch them, but I lose things easily so I figure they are safer in the package.

Product image: Royal blue, $8 beret

Product Image: Sax, $12 beret
Both berets look very nice and the colors are accurate. They were an excellent price and the embroidery on the sax beret is really pretty.

Berets in real life
The mini veil that I purchased cost about $12 too. It's super pretty, but I have in braids right now, so it wouldn't sit in my head properly. It's so lovely!

Black $12 rose hairdress

Lady Marine Jumperskirt

A while back, I purchased a navy hat with a stripped ribbon from a fellow comm member at a swap and sell. I had every intention of buying the matching dress that went with it and now I can happily say I own that dress! I've had my eye on the Lady Marine JSK for a while, mainly because it's navy. For some reason, I really love blue things in Lolita, so my eye goes straight to that shade whenever it's an available color. I bought the JSK in a Lady 90 and it fit perfectly. I wouldn't recommend the dress for anyone with a bust higher than 105 cm in that size, but F+F does custom sizing so for lolitas with a bust of 106 cm+, go ahead and order a custom size.

Product image: Lady Marine JSK in Navy

The dress came neatly tucked into one of those F+F plastic bags. It also comes with a matching choker, which I will definitely be using for something else.

JSK package
 I ripped the package open and VOILA! This beauty greeted me. The blue is very vivid in this picture, but its actually navy, as opposed to royal blue.

Lady Marine JSK
I tried it quickly with a white bolero, just so I can get a feel of the JSK. First off, it's pretty long! I'm only 5'2" so looking back, I probably should have asked for the dress to be made a bit shorter. But I think the length fits the style (ie Sailor and eventually Pirate Lolita) so s'all good!

JSK paired with a bolero
All and all, I'm very happy to have given F+F my money! I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again, even though some of their items tend to be hit or miss. This entire experience and all of the items I ordered get an 8 out of 8~! I really like Fanplusfriend's Classic pieces so I'll be on the look out for more beautiful things from them.

Have you ever ordered anything from Fanplusfriend, dear readers? I hope that your experience was a positive one, but I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Stay beautiful...stay true, <3


Sunday, May 18, 2014

WHOA~! So many frills~! (April and May Lolita Haul)

Guys, I am so bad at this. I wanted to try and post something once a week, and that didn't happen, so I told myself that I could DEFINITELY get once a month down.... Except I didn't, >_> I'm sorry to say that I'm fairly inconsistent with this blog, but I will try to do better.

So what have I been doing in the mean time? Giving away my paycheck~! By that I mean, I've been buying so much Lolita stuff in the past two months. My wardrobe has expanded exponentially and my wallet has been crying non-stop since about February. To make matters worse, I recently participate in a Fanplusfriend Group Order and I'm ordering from some Taobao shops next month.

I'm determined to have a real wardrobe soon enough!

Today's post will be a huge photo dump, so please bare with me. I'm so happy to say that I have acquired THREE (3) dream prints in the past two months. I got a great deal on one and the other two I was just really lucky to find.

Say hello to my new babies~!

All my new lovelies~!

These are all of the items I purchased between my last post and now, minus a few things. Here's a list for those that have no idea what these prints are from left to right:

-Bodyline's Bunny Cinderella
-Angelic Pretty's Star Night Theater
-Swimmer Card bag (bottom center)
-Metamorphose Temps de Filles Cat socks in sax
-AP's Royal Cards socks in blue
-Meta's Rose Letter socks in black
-Meta's Happy Bell socks in black
-Bodyline blouse L015 in sax (far back)
-Awesome fasniator hat with blue rose and veil from Etsy
-Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Queen of Snow ~the white kingdom from which a fairy lands gently~ princess skirt
-Meta's Fairy Tale mini skirt in black

Whew~! That's a lot of prints and a whole lot of names. I'm surprised I remember them all. I believe in my Feburary post, I mentioned how important used Lolita sales can be. Almost every item in this post was purchased on one of those sites, with the exception of the Bodyline items. Lacemarket, Mbok and Yahoo Japan are the ultimate Lolita resource!


From left to right: Bodyline's Bunny Cinderalla and AP's Star Night Theater
 I was super excited to finally get Star Night Theater! More so than I was for the Bodyline dress, of course. Regardless, both dresses are very lovely and help fuel my desire to own prints with some shade of blue in them, haha. I was a bit disappointed in Star Night Theater, as I expected the colors to be much more vivid. But it's everything I hoped for and it is super lovely.


From left to right: Bodyline blouse, fascinator hat, and Swimmer Card Bag
 The Bodyline blouse (L015) was affordable and it fit well, so I'm glad to have it in my wardrobe. I ordered another blue blouse and I have a navy dress on the way, so my collection of blue items are growing! I purchased the fascinator hat from Etsy seller, Sister21 and wooooow, is it lovely! I can't take a picture of it worn just yet, since I have my hair braided up and I don't want to mess the clips up. The Swimmer bag is awesome and double-sided! I found it for $25 on Yahoo Japan Auctions.


From bottom to top: AP Playing Cards socks, Meta Rose Letter socks, Metea Cat socks, Meta Happy Bell socks
 Sooo..... I bought a lot of socks. I'm not sure what to say about them except, they're all blue/have some shade of blue in them. Those Meta socks look almost white though! Sorry that they photograph so poorly.


From bottom to top: Meta Fairy Tale mini skirt in black, Queen of Snow princess skirt in sax
I'm not so sure how or why I was so lucky to own these beautiful pieces but oooh my gosh am I excited to wear them! I had never heard of Fairy Tale until my Lolita "senpai" purchased the same skirt in ivory, and when I looked at the other colorways, I fell in love. The Queen of Snow skirt, however, has been a favorite of mine for awhile and I waged a bid war on my cell phone to win it! Personally, I don't think Queen of Snow is a warm weather print, so I probably won't wear it until it gets much cooler. I'll be debuting the Fairy Tale skirt at San Japan~! I'm so excited~!

It was lovely to introduce y'all to all the new darlings in my wardrobe! I have to say though, I really have to stop purchasing at the rate I am, or I'll become REALLY addicted. My goal now is to get rid of the items that "kinda" go with the pieces and my wardrobe and bring in elements that truly mesh and meld with each other. I'm sure it will take a lot of work, but I'm ready to accept the challenge!

How about you, dear readers? Have you made any new purchases that made you squeal with delight? I can't wait to coord all these new things in my wardrobe!

Stay beautiful....stay true, <3


Monday, March 17, 2014

Ewiderbuy Cosplay Review~! And the Greatness that is Aselia Con

Last weekend, I went to Aselia Con 2014, the one and only Tales of... convention in all of North America. I'm a huge fan of the Tales JRPG series, so I was very excited when I found out that my friends were willing to put together a dedicated convention! This was the con's second year.

Introducing Aselia Con~! I do not own this photo!
For the con, I wore two cosplays and a Lolita coord. I was sad because my cosplay from last year was still damaged, so I couldn't wear it. But that's okay; everything turned out well!

One the first day, I cosplayed one part of a set of twins. My super sewing bestie made both of our cosplays, so thankfully I didn't have to spend the big bucks! But my day two cosplay was where the money is at, and it was so beautiful that I had to write a review on the construction and of course, the buying process.

I purchased my Estellise Sidos Heurassein cosplay from Ewiderbuy Cosplay on January 17th. Ewiderbuy is supposedly a cosplay shop that primarily works with the Eastern side of the globe, though recently they have been able to become a global shop. The pictures on their website look great and don't have weird Photoshopping things going on with them so I figured it was safe to purchase there.

Ewiderbuy's Store Front
I ordered a custom sized cosplay (a dress and over dress) with boots, gloves and a shield, for about $180. After the extra $50 for EMS shipping and a $10 coupon, my complete total was $223.

In the world of cosplay, that's a pretty reasonable price for the amount of work put into the costume. When you add in the fact that this was made to fit my measurements exactly, I'd have to say that I got off on the cheap side, actually. The costume was definitely high quality, and LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE. That was a big deal for me, because it's rare that you find a cosplay that looks exactly as advertised.

From left to right: Stock photo from Ewiderbuy (I DO NOT OWN), Me in the cosplay, and character artwork of Estelle (I DO NOT OWN!)

So, I was very happy to discover that the cosplay was exactly as advertised and everything that I wanted. It's so beautiful~!

My biggest issue with Ewiderbuy is communication. I'm pretty sure it's because I ordered my cosplay right before Chinese New Year, but communication with the shop was so very poor -- I was afraid I had been scammed.

I waited an entire month before I reached out to the cosplay shop about the status of my costume because I knew they were on vacation. I tried four different mediums to contact the shop, and my inquires received no response until I opened a Paypal claim. I'm really glad that Paypal gives international transactions a large window of error, because I'm not sure if I would have gotten my money back had this company actually been a scam. Thank goodness they weren't, though.

Once Ewiderbuy responded to my Paypal claim, they were in constant communication with me. I was notified when my cosplay was finished and when it would be shipped. I think all together, it took them a week to make my cosplay and about four days for it to arrive on my doorstep.

Cosplay Package
I have to say I was expecting a much bigger box since I paid $50 for shipping, but I'm assuming most of the cost comes from the fact that it would get to me in 5 to 8 business days. I ripped the package open as soon as I got into my living room...

Everything was wrapped neatly!
It really surprised me to see how carefully everything was wrapped and sealed. I just didn't see how all of it could fit in that small package. Clearly, I don't know the right way to pack a box, haha.

From left to right: Pink petal dress, white over dress, gloves and boots, shield, and random hoops that go in the skirt.
I was thoroughly impressed and pleased with everything I had received and it almost made me forget about the terrible communication from before. Alllllmost.

All and all I would give Ewiderbuy a 6 out of 8! I really love my cosplay, but I'm a bit upset that I had to open a Paypal claim for them to finally answer all my questions. I'm still a bit confused too, because the account I created on the website says that I was refunded all of my money and that the cosplay wasn't made, though that is certainly not the case. I'm really hoping that doesn't come back to haunt me later, though Ewiderbuy has assured me that it doesn't mean anything.

Due to the high quality of the costume however, I can say that I would order from them again. I honestly think (and hope) that they were simply behind from all the orders put in while they were on vacation for, and that's why no one could contact me. I'll keep any eye out from any negative whispers on the Web, but you certainly won't hear any harsh words from me!

Till next time my beautiful readers~! <3 <3


Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Current Situation... Recent Purchases (Plus Reviews)

Hey y'all~! It's been a while since I made my wardrobe post and I bought a few things since then! I'm a bit sad because I wasn't able to include my brand new Innocent World dress in this post, but I'll make another one later, once I can put the dress on and give it a proper review.

Recently, I've been trying to fill out my wardrobe with more bags and skirts. Skirts are much more versatile than jumperskirts and one-piece dresses so I went on the hunt for one that I could truly love! Lo and behold, I found both~! All together, I purchased two bags, a skirt, and a JSK from Bodyline. I wore it for the first time in February, which is why I included it in this post, ^_^

All my beautiful new things~! <3
Two of the items were purchased brand new, but my spade purse and my skirt are used. I bought the purse on the EGL Comm Sales in English Facebook page. I am notorious for looking at the comm sales page about four to five times a day! Lolita community sales really helps cut the cost of filling in a Lolita wardrobe, because these gently used items come at a fraction of the cost.

Another helpful website is Mbok, which is where I purchased my skirt. Mbok is a giant Japanese auction site, sort of like Ebay. Though I had to use a shopping service to order and win the auction on my skirt, it was worth it, because I got it for $70 less than it would cost in the store/brand new.

Let's take an up close look at these beauties~!

BODYLINE L406 (Mini review)

I'll attempt to be brief as possible, to avoid making this post seem like an essay, but we'll see how that goes. I purchased Bodyline's L406 JSK some time in January, for about $40. The dress is put together nicely and seems sturdy as well. It has several layers, which help keep it from being flimsy. I also like the bows on the front.

The front of the dress
Inner skirt

Close-up of the front bows

Back of the dress
I really like that the dress has shirring and corset lacing in the back, as that helps with sizing. All and all, it's a pretty great dress. It also matches my ice cream hat, ^_^

I give it an 8 out of 8! I'm pleased as punch to add this dress to my wardrobe.

My coord with L406

Magical Painting Medium Skirt

Metamorphose Temps de Filles is one of my favorite Lolita brands. I always hunt for Meta because their prints are so creative and unique, and their sizing is very forgiving. I fell in love with Magical Painting because it's adorable, it comes in such a beautiful shade of brown (they call it camel), and can we talk about the number of colors in this skirt? I could wear it with pink, red, purple, yellow, green, and even chocolate brown! I will never, ever sell this skirt, ever. It's so beautiful.

Inner lining of the skirt
The skirt is extremely sturdy and has two layers: the outer, printed layer, plus the smooth interior skirt. I also love the fact that it's medium length -- the hem falls just at my knees.

Close-up of  the print.

Horizontal close-up of the print.
I love this skirt so very much! I love that it can be worn as a Sweet print or toned down with a single color (and perhaps a vest?) and made into a Classic piece. I plan to play around with the colors and see what I can come up with. I give it a 10 out of 8 because I'm just that happy with it!


I bought two purses this month; one from comm sales and the other from Beya, an accessory shop in Grapevine Mills Mall. I was really happy to find both of these bags; I paid $15 for the former and $10 for the latter. I plan on going back to Grapevine soon to see if Beya's sale is still going on, haha.

Taobao spade bag

Red school-bag purse
I got my socks from Target and Lace Market. Lace Market is a brand new Lolita auction site that gives Lolitas from all over the globe a chance to auction off their items. This was my first time using the site and I have to say, it was pretty great. I definitely plan on using it again in the near future. The white pair on the far left was about $5 at Target and the two Secret Shop pairs to the right were $7 and $6, respectively. I don't own many over the knee socks, so I was glad to find these three.
Three new pairs of socks
I really hope I can continue to expand my wardrobe as the months go by. I'm slowly learning about the things I like in Lolita, and which sort of prints and shapes flatter my body the most. I'm super excited to get better at putting together outfits too! How do you feel when you get a brand new item in the mail? Are you super excited, or do you just love the thrill of the chase? I find that there's no better feeling than getting a great deal on an item!

Until next time, my lovelies...THE HUNT FOR FRILLY THINGS CONTINUES~!