Taobao Haul #1

Hello, my beautiful loves~!

I ordered some Taobao stuff and figured I'd make a haul post. This was my first time ordering Taobao on my own. I used BuyChina as my shopping service. I like them because their website is very user friendly and you can have a cart. It's very helpful to have a general idea of what I'm going to spend.

All together, I purchased a wig, three hair bows, and a pair of earmuffs. I plan on using the hairbows and the ear muffs for my Queen of Snow coord at Anime Weekend Atlanta, but we'll see if I can even wear that, >_< The petticoat was for a friend.

Taobao Haul
First let's look at the wig. The shop it came from is called CC Kids. Oh my goodness, I love this wig SO MUCH. It's a twin-tail wig that came with a short base wig and two pig tails, I think it's really Sweet, but if I can cut the bangs the way I want, I can use it for Classic.

CC Kids Stock Photo, I DO NOT OWN!!
 I'd say with fees and shipping the wig was probably about $25. I got the wig in the Dark Brown color, since I figured that would suit my skin tone best.

CC Kids wig, in Chocolate Brown

Wig outside of the packaging
So let's look at it worn, shall we~? I fell in love with this extremely versatile wig. I think it's great for a bunch of hair styles; I definitely got my money's worth. It definitely gets an 8 out of 8 from me!

I really want to cut the bangs though, >_< The next item I got came from Pinky Girls, a Taobao shop that makes adorable earmuffs and parasols! I figured what better what to become a "Snow Queen" than with a pair of earmuffs?! These were well made and super cute. These earmuffs were very reasonably priced, about $10 with fees and shipping.

Stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!

Ear Muffs!

Finally I ordered two bows, in the same color from KiraKira. I had no idea they would be the same color, because the first set was named "Ice Blue" and the other was called "Azure". I'm not sure if I ordered them incorrectly or if they just thought I meant to get the same color. Oh well~! They're still cute, so it's okay. The hair bows, with shipping were probably about $6. Works for me!

All and all, I'm very proud of myself for ordering Taobao all on my own. BuyChina makes it super easy, but I will say that it takes a while for items to arrive. I placed this order 7/28 and I got all of these items by 9/5. Even now, the crown I ordered from Baby Piggy (I probably won't order from them again) is still shown as "pending", which sucks since I have a deadline for the item. Hopefully, I get everything when I need it.

Tell me, lovelies, what's your favorite Taobao shop? I'd have to say I have a huge crush on Chess Story and CiCi Works, but CC Kids just proved to me that they are an excellent wig shop.

Until next time! Stay beautiful, stay true, <3



  1. those ear muffs are super cute. I think my favorite taobao store is Ichigo 15 and this other one that sells the most awesome padded hangers ever.

  2. Everything is so cute! I actually have yet to buy from the same TaoBao store twice, so I'm not sure on a favorite yet! ^_^


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