Chronicles of a Black Lolita, Pt. 4: Five Pros to Being a Black Lolita

I can't believe we're here! We've made it to the final post of my Black History Month series!

Thanks again to everyone that's been following these posts for the past month. I don't think my blog has seen this much activity EVER, and it wouldn't be possible without all the wonderful people that have shared my posts with the rest of the world. Thank you all so very much for showering me with love and support. Thanks for sticking with me, :)

After my last post, I wanted to finish this month out with lots of positivity. Now that we've seen the downsides to being a Black Lolita, let's look at all the things that are worth celebrating!

As in the last post, these pros are in no particular order, but they're all important to me, <3

1. Inclusion

My Lolita comm, Jan. 2017.

By our mere existence, Black Lolitas help the Lolita community be a more inclusive space for everyone! I find that if we truly believe our fashion can be worn by anyone, it's important to see this representation in our local communities. 

By making our local comms a more welcoming space for everyone, we can ensure that the community at large will have more exposure to different ethnic groups and other cultures. I love my comm so much for this very reason because we're a fairly diverse group of people. Even our mod team is diverse!

My comm, Jan. 2016.

2. Indie Representation

Runway photo from Paradiso 2018

Though the big brands still have a lot of room for improvement, several Indie Lolita brands have consistently represented Black Lolitas in their fashion shows and advertisements.

I want to thank every Indie brand that has realized the value of diversity and representation, and actively made sure to have Black Lolitas in their shows. Hopefully, the trend will continue. 

FYI: To all the Black Lolitas out there that have *ever* considered applying for a fashion show at a con or event, DO IT! It's such an amazing, unique experience that I hope every Lolita can have, at least once. 

Puvithel Modeling crew at Paradiso 2018!
Photo credit: Fatimah Roberts

Brands are always looking for people to showcase their looks, and most brands are more than willing to work with their models to make sure that happens. Don't be afraid, and just fill out that application! GO GO GO!!

3. Black-Owned Businesses

Mossbadger logo, I do not own!

Black Lolitas contribute to the fashion in so many ways, and one of those contributions are Black-owned Lolita businesses! 

This list was pulled directly from the Black Lolita Community, so it may be missing a few brands. I tried to include as many Lolita specific brands as I could, though some of them are general J-Fashion.

Lilith et Adalia banner, I do not own!

Lolita Brands-


Seamstresses - 
Violette Vulpine's Den:

Forbidden Kingdom Seamstry:

Dollatte Cafe:

Fantastic Grimm Jewelry:

Fluff Sugar Cafe:

Hard Decora:

Love Teetee:

Lady Felix creations:



Miss Candyholic:

NeOn Pastel Gal:

Once Upon a Cookie:


Pastel Galaxyz:

Sugar Trampoline:

Un-re designs:

Bubble Babes:






4. Emerging Resources 

A screenshot pulled from Pinterest.

Thanks to Black Lolitas all around the world, more and more resources for Black Lolitas are appearing all over the Internet. I found several coord photos on Pinterest, Tumblr, and even more lovely looks on Instagram, using the tag #BlackLolita! 

#Blacklolita tag on IG.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the Black Lolita Community on FB, and other Black J-Fashion groups, have also seen a surge of activity recently. Youtube is another goldmine for resources, with videos on Afro-Lolita hairstyles, and makeup tips. 

More and more Black people are discovering these resources, which ultimately contribute to Black Lolitas feeling more comfortable in the fashion as a whole. 

Shout-out to anyone and everyone that's making great content to help other Black Lolitas! 

5. Cultural Exchange and Exposure

Goth Bae, Haenuli, Pixel Spa, and I at A-Kon 28.

Though Lolita fashion is the hobby that brings us all together, discovering the commonality between Lolitas across the world has become such an eye-opening experience for me. Being a member of the Lolita community at large has, for lack of a better expression, quite literally changed my life. 

If I wasn't a Lolita, I'd never see or learn as much as I have in the last 6 year. While working at cons/attending events, I've met Lolitas and fashion designers from all over the globe. I've learned words in Korean and Japanese, heard regional terms and dialects from Lolitas from other States, and witnessed an array of beautifully arranged coords from the simplest Country look to #OTTAF coords.

While I'm incredibly thankful for all that I've witnessed, I can't help but want more. I want to experience even more events, and meet many more people. I want our community to be more accepting of everyone, regardless of race, creed, skin color, religion, education, or any other label they may wear. I want Black Lolitas to be able to walk into a room with Lolitas of all backgrounds, and feel completely comfortable knowing they are surrounded by others that share our wonderful hobby.

Being a Black Lolita may have its up and downs, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I hope this series helped you understand the perspective of a Black Lolita, and helped explain the positive influence of diversity, representation, and inclusion in the hobby! On this last day of Black History Month, I have to say once again: HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH, EVERYONE!! :)

I've got LOTS of reviews headed your way, and a preview for my next series! Can you guess what it is from this preview? Give me your answers in the comment box below!

My suitcases!

See you next time, my amazing readers!

Stay beautiful, stay true,


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