Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 Wardrobe Post!

It's that time of year again! Every January, Lolitas across the Internet spend hours snapping photos of their closets to showcase their newest acquisitions and take inventory. I enjoy doing wardrobe posts because I get to see how my closet has changed in a year's time. I definitely have an ebb and flow of purchases and sales.

All in all, I'm pleased with my closet. I've finally reached a point where most of my items can be used interchangeably, though there are a few pieces that I still have to work with.

I got a new camera for Christmas and I'm still fiddling around with the settings. Hopefully the pictures don't look too funky.

Anywho~! Let's do this!!


My outerwear hasn't changed, lol. I want to buy another vest and get some boleros at some point.
F+F Vest in Brown.

Bunny House bunny bolero.

F+F Coat.

That's it for outerwear! Like I said, nothing has changed, XP


According to last year's blouse picture, I've gotten rid of two blouses. But, I replaced them with two new ones, yay!

The Floral Notebook.

Thrift store blouse (it's black, -_-).

Yilia Lolita (Taobao) blouse.

Yilia Lolita 3/4 sleevee (Taobao) blouse.

Mochi's Boutique Hime-sleeved blouse.
Bodyline L015 blouse (camera whyyyyyyyyy, T_T).

The Floral Notebook.
2017 plan: Buy a navy blouse, a short sleeved black blouse annnnnddd maybe a funky, fun color like pink or something elegant and very gold, *_*


Bahahah, my skirt collection was super depressing last year. I was really frustrated with how Rose Letter looked on me and I guess that came to a head in my skirt collection. This year, I've redeemed myself! Check it out.

Souffle Song Butterfly Cemetery skirt.

Close-up of the print!
BTSSB Queen of Snow skirt.
Close-up of the print.

Excalibur Lolita (Taobao) Night Parade of One Hundred Demons.


Meta Rose Letter skirt (no close-up cause it's old, lol).

BTSSTB Clockwork Tea Party skirt.

CLOSE-UP!!! <3
Clockwork Tea Party has been a dream print for a long time, so I'm extremely happy to finally own it. Even though it's not my preferred colorway, I still drool over it. Also, did you spot the preview for my next review at the top? ^_~


I got one new JSK, so that brings my total count to five! I actually bought two other dresses in 2016 and sold them both. They were One-Hit Wonders and I don't miss them at all, haha.

BTSSB Collection Douce Chocolatier Praline JSK.

Das Lied Der Elfen King's Key JSK (see my review here).

Ol' Faithful! AKA F+F JSK.

Star Night Theater (altered) JSK.

Taobao Sailor JSK.

I got one new OP and I'm still counting Dreaming Cinderella as a pseudo-OP because I want more dresses in this category. Don't judge me, >__<

Haenuli Dreaming Cinderella JSK.

Angelic Pretty French Cafe OP.

Grove Deer (Taobao) Moon of Eternal Day OP.
I only have one OP on my wishlist, so I'll have to search around and look for more. I reallllyy love my Grove Deer OP though, so if they do a re-release, I want to grab the navy and gray colorways. Fingers crossed!


My shoe collection!
Most of my shoes are from Taobao. Starting from the back row, from left to right: MoMo Victorian shoes, Taobao, Sosic Shop (also Taobao). Front row: Taobao, Bodyline, Sosic Shop (x2). The black shoes on the end are also from Bodyline and are the most likely to get voted off the island by the end of 2017.


I got bagggssssss, bro
I feel like I sell a lot of bags, but I only have one less bag between this year and last year. Back row, from left to right: BTSSB Napoleon Fish crown bag, Swimmer Alice card bag, Taobao. Middle row, also from left to right: Amnesic Forest (Taobao) bag, Taobao biscuit bag, Taobao clock bag. Front row, same direction: Offbrand (x2) and more Taobao.

I recently re-arranged my closet. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to store my socks and tights, so for now this is how everything is placed. I saw this cool cloth purse hanger thing online, so I'm thinking of getting some of those in the future.

See that teal basket? That's where I store my tights, which brings me to the next section!

Tights and Socks

Baskets of legwear!
I adamantly refuse to take individual shots of my legwear, so here y'all go. From left to right, my tights basket, my OTK basket, and my ankle+knee socks basket. I'm not sure if this is the "proper" way to store tights and socks, but it's cute and works so, *shrug*. Until I find something else, this is how they'll be.

2016 hat collection that's still current!
I kind of took the lazy way out here. Since my hats were already arranged last year, I only took an updated shot of my new purchases. I still own all these hats and headbands from last year.

2016 headbands/headbows/crowns/earmuffs.
And now for the new stuff~

Ok, some of these are repeats, lol.
I retook the picture of my Sailor themed "boater" hat, because the ribbons weren't visible in the previous picture. Starting from the back row, from left to right: Fox Cherry (I think? Taobao), Sweet Dreamer (Taobao), Forever 21. The navy beret at the front is from Amensic Forest and is actually part of a matching set featuring a coat, the beret, and my blue bag. Take a look with this link.

The white and light blue hat is from Taobao and I won't pretend to remember the shop name. You can find an in-depth review on this lovely hat right here on my blog!


Accessories and stuff.
Every year for this section, I just toss all my crap on my bed and take a picture. I'm not breaking this down, lol. I'm too lazy for this, y'all. Most of my stuff comes from Taobao; I'll point out a few honorable mentions.

More stuff!
One honorable mention in the above image is that awesome pony brooch in red up there. One of my amazing comm members HANDMADE it for my birthday because she knows how much I love Star Night Theater. She made it specifically for *me* to wear with my dress. I seriously wanted to cry when she gave it to me. I was so touched by her attention to detail and her hard work. Mostly everything else in the image is Taobao or offbrand stuff.

Yep, still stuff.
My friends hate those huge Harry Potter framed glasses, but I LOVE THEM! Kick rocks, friends! Let me live my life, XP

Gloves and brooches.
For 2017, I want to try avoid buying mini skirts completely and focus on buying *dream prints only*. It will be a more costly endeavor, but I'm sure I can handle it!

Tell me, lovely readers, how has your closet changed over time? Have you noticed any drastic changes to your wardrobe? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this  long post. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! I wish you success in fulfilling all your dreams in the new year, my precious friends.

Stay beautiful, stay true,