Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wardrobe Post 2014

As per Lolita tradition, today's post is for my wardrobe!

Each year, the Lolita community rummages through their closets to take count of their purchases for the past year. I really enjoy picture heavy posts like these because it let's me see which areas I need to expand for my own wardrobe. On top of that, it's just fun to see so many frilly clothes! I especially like bring able to take a peek into the closets of "plus-size" Lolitas like myself, since it helps me find out which dresses fit in my size range. I strongly encourage all of my Lolita friends take a look at wardrobe posts!

Without further ado, here's is my wardrobe~! I've only been wearing Lolita for a year, so it is a bit sparse. At the moment, I'd like to think I have a fairly good mix of Lolita sub-styles, but I believe I'll let you, my lovely readers, be the judge of that, ^_^ I apologize in advance if my pictures are a bit odd in coloring; I couldn't find the charger for my digital camera, and my cell phone camera has more MP than my standalone camera anyway.

Oh, and say hello to my adorable kitty, Blueberry Parfait! She decided to help me with my wardrobe post, and I figured having my rolly-polly kitty in the pictures would add a touch of cute to my frilly clothes, hehe.

One-Pieces Dresses~! (Or OPs)

I actually only own a single OP! This dress is Bodyline's Maple Sugar Waffle OP in Sax. I'm really not a fan of OPs because they feel a bit restricting, but I think I want to try and buy a few more. OPs are a great piece when putting together an entire outfit, since OPs don't need a blouse.

Jumperskirts~! (A.K.A. JSKs)

Bodyline L406 and L387

I love Jumperskirts! They are very versatile because they can be worn with blouses, cardigans, boleros, or even on their own during the summer. From left to right we have Bodyline's L406 and L387. Coincidentally, these two JSKs are also listed right next to each other on Bodyline's webpage, haha. I haven't worn the striped pink JSK just yet, as it is my newest purchase. I really love the princess-y look of the L387.

These two beauties are part of a three-way competition for my heart. I absolutely adore both of these JSKs, and it's interesting because they are both very different styles. The very gothic, all black beauty on the left is Bodyline's L379. I LOVE this dress. It can fit just about anyone, which also makes it my favorite dress to lend out to my friends who are new to the fashion. It was the first JSK I ever bought and I'm so glad I did. Every time I even slightly think about selling this dress, I simply remember how beautiful it is, and I change my mind immediately. Oh man, I'm gushing, so let me move on to my other JSK.

My Fanplusfriend JSK on the right has gotten me so many compliments, I'm quite sure people would steal it from my closet. I was actually surprised by the amount of positive feedback I got while wearing the dress, since I actually didn't like it when I took it out of the box. (Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell the dress that, XP)

According to the Fanplusfriend website, the official name of my Classic baby is Alice Lolita: Chess World Flocking Academic JSK. I'm going to assume that's some round about way of calling it, "The Absolutely Freaking Amazing Dress." Cause that's what it is.

My Putumayo 3-in-1 JSK is my ol' faithful and I adore it. I paid more than $100 for it, but it was worth every penny because I can wear the JSK three (well, two) different ways! How cool is that?! The skirt has a hidden zipper and drawstrings that can change the bottom from skirt to kodona pants. It's actually pretty nifty! I've never worn it as a JSK, because it's obscenely short, but maybe once I buy an underskirt, I'll give it a try.


I only have two blouses and they're pretty boring. One is from Bodyline and the other I found at a thrift shop. I need more blouses, le sigh.


Check out my shoes (and terrible carpet, T_T)! I don't have very many shoes, though I plan on buying two more pairs in the next month or so. From left to right: Bodyline wedges, Bodyline heels, An-Tai-Na-heels, and my American Eagle oxford heels that I got from Payless.


Interesting tip/side bar: the Winnie the Pooh tub is actually an empty container that used to hold baby wipes. I get them from my Grandmother, because she uses baby wipes often and doesn't throw the tubs away. I use them to hold all of my headbands, wool berets, barrettes, hair clips, and scrunchies. And now I have one for Lolita~!  

Anywho, I own A LOT more jewelry than socks, so I figured it just be easier to lump it all together. From left to right: My Bodyline mini hat, my Bodyline gloves, clip-on bear ears from the ShojoMonsta, sax blue socks from Bodyline, royal blue two-clip bow also from ShojoMonsta, striped white and sax socks with pink macarons and bows from Bodyline and a pair of black, red, and silver Putumayo socks.

A pic of all my jewelry. Yes, I know. I have a shopping problem. Some honorable mentions: my pink strawberry ring and chocolate bar ring in the bottom left made by AddicTokki, my three stair hair clip in the center right made by Hysteric Kingdom and my beautiful cameo necklace and matching earrings in the bottom left, made by my wonderful friend Xochitl~!

My recently acquired Fanplusfriend marine hat. I plan to buy the JSK that goes with it, so I bought it during my comm's swap and sell!

 My two lonely little bags. I need more purses for Lolita as I have many other colors and not enough to match it with. The bag on the left is an off-brand cross-body bag. The bag on the left I bought at the local shop Cosplay n Charm. I plan on buying more as the year passes, so this picture will be a lot better next year!

Well, friends, thank you for taking a look into my Lolita wardrobe. By making this post, I discovered what areas I need to improve (socks, blouses, skirts, bags) and which areas are pretty much covered from head to toe (jewelry, JSKs). I definitely plan to beef up my closet so that I have elements that are easier to mix and match. Hopefully, I can get better at coordinating outfits by fleshing out my wardrobe.

Until next time, my beautiful readers~! XOXO


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bodyline L387 Review

I decided to move my reviews to a more stationary place, as my Tumblr is constantly updated by all the random photos and .gifs that I fall in love with. So welcome, old and new readers~! This is the new home of the Little Kitchen Sink blog!

I've been wearing Lolita for about a year, (I recently celebrated my Loliversary in Dec. 2013) and since I have a full time job now, it's a lot easier for me to purchase items. As I learn more and more about Lolita and Japanese street fashions in general, I find that my style is changing constantly. As a result, I've been experimenting with a lot of different looks to see which looks the best on me. So far, I've gotten the most positive responses when I wear Classic Lolita.

The Classic Lolita style is a much more toned down sub-style of the Lolita fashion. It doesn't involve so many bright and loud colors, it typically calls for natural hair or naturally colored wigs, and it also gives off a much more mature air, then other sub-categories. I enjoy Classic, but I actually don't own a lot of it, so I decided to keep the experimentation ball rolling and go with another style, before I settle on just one.

Enter Bodyline's L387~! This dress definitely falls under the "Hime", or "Princess" style of the Lolita fashion. Since I recently purchased the prettiest printed tights ever in sax (light blue) and pink, I decided to choose the sax colorway. Here is a picture of the dress without any flash.

It's pretty, right? When I first opened the package I really feel in love with all the layers of this dress. The lowest layer is the base dress, overlaid with chiffon bows and tiers, and then some lace. The material is heavy, but not so much that if feels extremely stiff and though not the softest of chiffons, the overlays are pretty good for Bodyline quality. But as you can see in this picture the chiffon is a different color than the base of the dress! Bodyline, are you drunk? How could you do this to such a pretty dress?! I was appalled when I got a closer look and realized that this dress was definitely sporting two different shades of blue. How could something so beautiful look so....awkward? Needless to say, friends, I was none too happy about that.

After some encouragement from my fellow frilly sisters-in-arms, I decided to take a shot and wear the dress anyway. Here is my coord for the Christmas meet-up:

My newbie coording skills aside, I actually thought the dress looked great with my shoes and tights. And having two different blues on didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. However, I was still kinda disappointed. To make my feelings a bit worse, I don't think the other colorways (lavender, pink, mint, black and white) of this dress have the issues that the sax version does, but meh. The dress is cute. I paid about $55 for it, so it wasn't terribly costly either. At the moment, I plan on keeping it in my wardrobe.

That being said, I give this dress a 5 out of 8! I don't hate it, but those differing blues will take some getting used to. Still I think it's pretty lovely~! Here is the product page for the readers that want to check out the dress for themselves here.

What do you guys think about my newest dress? Comment and share your thoughts! ^_^