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The Lip Bar Fast Face Collection - Skin Serum Foundation (4:02) and Minute Finish Stuntin' 4in1 Face Palette

Hey, y'all~! We've got a foundation review today!

I was chomping at the bit to try the new Fast Face Collection from the Lip Bar, and after impatiently waiting for my face palette to go back in stock, I finally got my order!

For those unaware, the Lip Bar is a Black-owned beauty brand, that have built a name for themselves with -- you guessed it -- their lip products! Since their debut, they've expanded their offerings from lippies, to blush and bronzer, and now, the newest addition to the family: the Skin Serum Foundation!

My initial attraction to the collection was the portability of it all. The collection is described as "Makeup for people with shit to do" and let me tell ya; I'm a busy gal with LOTS of shit to do, including travel all over the place. My makeup goal for next year is to streamline my travel makeup process, and having these items will certainly help with that.

I also appreciate that the The Lip Bar is trying to simplify makeup with this coll…

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