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Katsucon 2022: The J-Fashion Presence at Katsu

I'm back with another (super late) convention post! This time, I traveled up north to attend Katsucon.   Katsu logo, I do not own! So many people have told me how much they love Katsucon over the years. In particular, I've heard that there's a pretty great J-Fashion program going on there, and after being accepted as a model for Empire Noir (more on that later), I finally had a chance to check it out! Cheers to my first Katsucon! The Venue Waiting for the train to arrive. I flew from Dallas to Washington D.C. on Thursday to give myself time to adjust to the time difference and get off of my nightshift sleep schedule. The cost of an Uber was crazy high when I arrived, so to save on transportation costs, I took the train from the airport to a bus terminal. From there, I hopped on another bus to the con venue. It was SO freaking affordable! I try to take buses and trains whenever I can, since we don't have those in my particular part of the city, :/  My roundtrip rides wer

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