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1 Dress, 5 Coords - Fanplusfriend Coord Challenge

I know, I know -- where the heck have I been? I'm sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet, but I'm back, :)

An awesome Facebook friend suggested a coord challenge to help get me back in the groove of creating content! Though the original suggestion was to make a lot more than 15 coords, I decided to limit myself to 5 because I was exhausted by the time I put my third coord together, haha.

There was a similar challenge a while back that involved using only 10 items from your wardrobe, but for this round, I was able to use whatever I wanted for each coord. I was pleasantly surprised to see what I came up with!

For my first attempt at this challenge, I grabbed "Ol' Faithful", my Fanplusfriend tartan dress. I've mentioned before that this JSK is one of my most prized pieces because no matter how I wear it, I always feel great! It's a versatile piece as well, as it has a lot of unique motifs and colors across the fabric.

Challenges like this also help m…

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