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Lolita Blog Carnival: Share Your Most Versatile Dress, Head Dress, & Accessory

I followed a Lolita Blog Carnival prompt in a while, so I thought it'd be fun to participate in last week's LBC post.

It was a little difficult for me to choose my most versatile dress because I recently made it my personal goal to only buy items that go with *at least* 3 other pieces in my closet. As a result, most of my Lolita wardrobe is pretty flexible, and the few exceptions usually end up on the chopping block. One dress that has survived the test of wardrobe purge is my Fanplusfriend JSK, Ol' Faithful. As my oldest and most loved piece, I feel like it's the most versatile dress in my closet.

Dress (aka "Ol' Faithful")
At first glance, my most versatile dress might not seem so flexible, but I have yet to try a coord with it that I didn't like. It has a unique color scheme, but because of the tartan print, I can coord it with every single color in my closet, and then some!
I love that I can add just about anything to this JSK and it'll still l…

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