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Lolita Wardrobe Post 2020

Happy New Year to all my beautiful Blue hearts out there, <3 I hope the joy and excitement of a new year are motivating you to live your best life!

In typical Lolita fashion, I'm making my annual wardrobe post! I think these types of posts are beneficial to both the Lolita community and the general public. It shows that our fashion is very much alive and well.

In 2019, my Lolita goal was to get more blouses. I'm sure that in this post you can see I definitely reached my goal for the year! For 2020, I plan to buy more dream pieces and practice more frugality when it comes to the fashion. I still impulse buy items, and I really want to stop doing that, :/

With these resolutions set in black and white, let's go inside my closet! Here's my Lolita wardrobe at the start of 2020!

My Closet

I moved (again) so that means I have a different closet than last year! This closet isn't a walk-in but it still has a pretty good amount of space. I'm worried about my hoop skirt…

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