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Taobao Haul #15: Mini Haul - Fairytale Forest, Dream Ornaments IMENG, Komaru's Private Living, Xiaolongju Original Lolita

Darn, I missed my deadline by a day! Sorry, everyone, I was too busy yesterday to work on this post, but I had time today.

I got a mini Taobao haul to prepare for my events this year! I'm actually ahead of the game with my orders, so I only have a few odds and ends left to purchase for my first Lolita event of 2020! I can't wait to share photos with you all of my summer travels!

Let's go right into the review, shall we?

Fairytale Forest

I've never been so simultaneously happy and disappointed about an item before. I love this blouse -- I think it's absolutely breathtaking and it's going to look so good with my coord. But it's such a letdown given the overall fit of the blouse and the cut is so... odd.

I've run into this issue in the past though. It's a classic case of "just 'cause it's in your size, doesn't mean it actually fits." Measurement wise, the blouse fits me wonderfully, but give that my bust isn't actually wide, but…

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