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Taobao Haul #16-A: Pinky Winky, Sycamore Style Hat, Little Yellow Hat Shop, Princess Lee Wigs, Sakurada Fawn, Yuni Fairy, Little Monk Shop,

My 17-lb. Taobao box finally arrived!  I honestly wasn't expecting my latest shipment to get THAT big. But that's to be expected -- I've been ordering stuff off of Taobao since January. Initially, I was worried about shipping because of the pandemic, but as my order got bigger and bigger, I knew I couldn't wait any longer, or I'd be paying half my rent money in shipping, X_X Thankfully, USPS has this amazing option called Sea Freight, and it's super affordable and even more effective than EMS right now! I recommend it for everyone that's placing orders on Taobao during these trying times. It also comes with tracking, which you'll need because ALL the postal services are royally ruined right now. I could rant about that all day, -_-  I got A LOT of stuff this time, so let's go right into it! Pinky Winky Stock photo, I do not own! I've heard of Pinky Winky before, but I've never ordered anything from them before I had to have this Sailor collec

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