Wednesday, January 28, 2015

50 Shades of Blue: 2015 Wardrobe Post

Wardrobe posts are something that has become a Lolita tradition as of late. Though I frequently read the Elegant Gothic Lolita Forums on Livejournal to check out what's going on over there, I can't say that I'm all that great at using LJs posting system. Of course, that's mostly my fault, XP

So here we are at my yearly wardrobe post! Compared to last year, my Lolita closet has grown considerably. Also, I have a camera now, so the pictures look a lot better than last year's, haha. I decided to name my wardrobe 50 Shades of Blue because it's my dream to have the bluest Lolita wardrobe in Texas! I find that the color blue (and navy) looks so pretty in most Lolita prints, and though I wouldn't call it rare, it's certainly not a common theme in most wardrobes.

Well then, let's get started with the massive amount of pictures~!

From top to bottom: The Floral Notebook My Beloved Empress blouse, Thrifted blouse

From top to bottom: Bodyline's L015 Blouse in Sax, F+F's Bunny Alice blouse in Ivory

Top to Bottom: F+F 10'o clock Cinderella blouse, Mochi's Boutique Hime Blouse
My blouse collection has grown in a year! As you can see, I kinda have a thing for Fanplusfriend. Also, the Floral Notebook is really great. I have another blouse from her as well, but that'll show up later.


Top to bottom: F+F Classic Bustle Vest, Bunny House Bunny Bolero in white
I am so in love with my vest! I'm making it my personal goal to wear it more often, because every time I put it on, I just fall in love all over again. Fanplusfriend is seriously getting some cash from me, lol.


 Top row, from left to right: Meta's Fairy Tale mini skirt, Meta's Magical Painting Medium Skirt
Bottom row: Meta's Rose Letter mini skirt

Top to bottom: BTSSB's Queen of Snow, Enchantlic Enchantilly's Phatom Merry Go Round
Last year was the year of dream print acquisitions. I had been searching for Rose Letter in blue for a while, and when I finally found it, I had to tell myself not to cry. I've worn it a good number of times too, because I just love it so much! However, Chantilly's skirt is definitely something that I need to work on coording. It's a little harder than I thought it would be.


BTSSB's Collection  Douce Chocolatier
Haenuli's Dreaming Cinderella JSK in Navy

Angelic Pretty's Star Night Theater JSK
F+F's Alice Lolita Chess World Flocking JSK and Floral Notebook's Princess of the Rose blouse
Whoa~! I have wayy more skirts than I have JSKs. My Lolita resolution for 2015 however, is to buy OPs, since I don't have any, T_T

I have a growing collection of socks and tights. I definitely want to get more tights though, and a wider variety of sock colors.

Top row, top to bottom: AP's Coat of Arms socks in Ivory, Meta OTKs, Offbrand tights, Rose Trianon Rose Diamante Tights
Middle row, top to bottom: Offbrand socks, Chantilly Diamond socks, AP Royal Cards OTKs, AP Coat of Armts OTKs in Navy, Meta Secret Library OTKs
Last row, top to bottom: Offbrand knee socks, Meta Happy Bell OTKs, Meta Rose Letter OTKs, Meta Cat OTKs, Bodyline lace knee socks
Upper right corner: Offbrand Knee socks

Shoes and Accessories

From left to right: Accessory bins, Taobao headbands, Taobao earmuffs and my jewelry box!

Left to right: Swimmer parasol, Bodyline Shoes 267, random headbands, and Offbrand chest

Left to right: Taobao Hime shoes, Bodyline Shoes 274, Taobao crown shoes

Left to right: BTSSB's Napoleon Fish crown bag, Swimmer Card bag, Sax Taobao purse 

Left to right: Collection of berets, offbrand bag, and make-up bag that I use as a purse!
So recently I moved into a new apartment with a massive closet. Seriously, my closet is basically the size of an entire room! It has these awesome cubby holes, which as you can see, are very useful. Here's a couple of pictures of my closet set-up.

My  Lolita Collection~!

My accessory cubbies


On the Way~!

I have a few things on its way to me. I'll include photos of them. Also, keep in mind that these images are not mine.

F+F's Cutie Lolita: Thick Wool Short Jacket stock photo

F+F's Chiffon Lover JSK in Sax stock photo
Though I know I don't actually have 50 Shades of blue in my closet, I'd like to think that even the uninformed reader can look at this post and tell that I have a serious love for blue. I'm sure as my wardrobe grows more and more, my "blue love" will become more evident. 

Does your wardrobe have a theme? Or perhaps you just like to buy cute things? Tell me all about it in that comment box below.

Until next time, my loves~!

Stay beautiful, stay true, <3


Monday, January 19, 2015

Maiden Clothing Review: A Prelude to 50 Shades of Blue

Hey guys! I have no idea what's going on with my life, but my blog fell sooo far to the wayside, I thought I may have to go on a quest to locate it again.

But all is well in my world once again, because I'm back to the blog and I WILL update more. I have so many reviews and just general photos I want to share with everyone, so the best way to get back into the swing of things is just to do them!

I cannot say enough how important second hand Lolita sales are to maintaining and filling one's wardrobe. Since I've discovered gently used and slightly worn Lolita pieces, I've noticed a significant increase in the number of items I can find. One such website is Maiden Clothing.

Maiden Clothing is a second hand Lolita site that is located in Japan. I believe it's actually owned by a music store that also purchases Lolita, as unconventional as that sounds. They have a fairly large selection of items and I found that their prices are lower than some of the other second hand stores out there.

While shifting through Maiden Clothing one day, I found a dress that embodies a few of my favorite things: blue, chocolate, and ice cream. It's Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Collection Douce Chocolatier. The print was released in 2014.

BTSSB Collection Douce Chocolatier Praline JSK stock photo. I DO NOT OWN!

The great thing about Maiden Clothing is that they take direct orders from US customers! The bad thing is, they take limited forms of payment, but more on that later.

So to order from Maiden Clothing, I sent them an e-mail with the product link, the cost of the item and the quantity that I wanted to order along with my address, name and phone number. Two days later, they sent me a confirmation e-mail that looks like this:

Thank you for your order.

We are ready to ship those products listed below.
please make sure of the total amount.

price of the product   17280yen
postage                1500yen
credit charge      200yen
total amount      18980yen

we consign the credit payment to NICOS
which you will recieve an e-mail about the payment process from.
After you recieve the e-mail from NICOS,
Please fill in the blank with required infomation and process the payment.

And please make sure to complete the process within a week.
Immediatey after we confirm the payment,
We will send you a message and ship the products in a week.
After you finish the payment, we will have a notice from NICOS HP.
So you won't have to tell us.

Pease ask if you have any other questions.
Thank you.

puresound web cites

●puresound J-visual
●puresound used maiden Clothing

wonder 6 buliding 4th foor
2-10-32, Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuuouku,
Osaka city,Osaka, Japan
542-0086(postal code)

Seems pretty simple, right? Two days later I received my invoice from the NICOS system. I highly recommend opening the link in Google, so that it will translate the Japanese on the page. Payment is easy as long as you use the right card. Maiden Clothing DOES NOT accept Paypal or Google Wallet, only Visa, Mastercard, UFJ Card, and NICOS (cards? I guess). I thought for sure Google Wallet would work with my order, since the card has a Visa logo on the back of it, but alas, it didn't work, my transaction declined, and I had to e-mail Maiden Clothing back and ask for another invoice. Once invoice #2 was sent, I paid with my Wells Fargo Bank Card and it went through seamlessly.

My only complaint with Maiden Clothing is that it takes them a few days to respond. They took between two and three days to respond to my e-mails but I can't be too angry -- at least they answered. I would order from them again, especially now that I know which forms of payment to use.

So after paying the invoice, I received a tracking number a few days later and my package about three or four days after that!

Plain packaging

The insides of my bag, from left to right: the JSK and two fliers.

One thing that I really like about ordering from second hand shops in Japan is that their "bad condition" is rarely bad. Though this dress was given a score of 3/5, which means the dress had a few spots and sign of wear, I never found the spot and the dress looks darn near new if you ask me.

My new JSK!
All and all, I am so pleased with Maiden Clothing, and I plan on ordering from them in the near future! The experience gets a 7 out of 8 from me, mainly because communication was a little slow.

Do you have any favorite second hand Lolita shops, lovelies? Tell me about them in that comment box below!

Stay beautiful, stay true, <3