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I've been buying a lot of stuff lately, which means I have a bunch of reviews to write over the next month! YAY for content!

Last month, I realized every pair of circle lenses I owned had expired, so I had to throw them all out. I've had some bad times with wearing old/bad contacts, and since I quite like being able to see out of both my eyes, I did a group order with my friends to get some new ones!

This GO-round (haha, get it?), we decided to try because they were having a BOGO sale for Chinese New Year.

CandyLens FB banner, I do not own.
The deal was buy one, get one free on all Geo Medical lenses so obviously that's what we all ordered. We spent close to $93 all together, with each of us ordering 2 pairs per person, for a total of 6 pairs. Shipping was about $25 (about $8.30 per person), but it was freakishly fast. We ordered on Saturday, Feb. 24th and by Wednesday, Feb. 28th, our order had arrived!

Our order!
I love the pretty boxes that the lenses were shipped in -- they look so nice! Unfortunately, one of our prescription pairs came with a mix-matched prescription, so I had to contact to customer service. However, they were extremely quick to rectify the issue. Currently, a matching lens is being shipped via FedEx to replace the incorrect prescription.

For this order, I grabbed a pair of blue lenses and a pair of green ones! I wanted lenses that were a bit more universal so I tried to find pairs that would match the majority of my coords. Usually, when I buy lenses, I go for really vibrant colors, but my blue pair ended up being a lot more toned down.

My new lenses!
Geo Angel Blue

Geo Angel Blue stock photo, I do not own.
So these lenses weren't as vivid as I expected. They're great lenses for enhancing your eye shape, but if you're looking for color you won't really find it. I did my best to get pictures both indoors and outside for my review, but it was so overcast that I feel like a little sunlight would have helped the color show up a bit more.

Geo Angel Blue lenses, worn outdoors.
I always have trouble putting my contacts in my right eye, so like clockwork, I struggled to get my lens in my eye. It's not anyone's fault but mine, so I can't blame the lenses for that. The lenses looked a bit more blue indoors, but again, I imagine that had something to do with the fact that the sun was covered for most of the day.

Geo Angel Blue lenses, indoors.
Despite me having eyes dryer than the Sahara, these lenses wore pretty well throughout the day. I didn't want to use any re-wetting drops to see how long I could wear them, and I lasted from about 10 am until about 2 pm, when I switched to my other pair. 

If you like these lenses, treat yo'self and grab your own pair with this link!

Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses

Princess Mimi Apple Green lens stock photo, I do not own.

Friendly word of advice: wearing two different pairs of contacts in the same day is a horrible, terrible, awful idea lmao. I don't know why I do these things to myself, haha. I now understand exactly how Kennie J.D. (K-Beauty vlogger) felt during her circle lens video. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out here!

I fully admit that I didn't wear these lenses for anywhere near as long as the other pair. Mostly, I just wanted to check out the color and see how it looked together with a coord. These lenses were a pleasant surprise because I didn't expect the green to show up the way that it did! Out of the two pairs I ordered, I really thought this pair would be more subtle, and I learned quickly that I thought wrong.

I love these lenses!
I actually like these more than the blue pair! Go figure! I like that the color shows up so well, even without lots of sunlight. By the time I was done taking coord pictures, I was ready to throw away my eyeballs, so unfortunately I didn't get any indoor shots of these. Soooooo, have another selfie?

Selfie with my lenses!
Compared to the blue pair, I know I can wear these more often with Lolita and Cosplay, while reserving the other pair for everyday looks and other fashion styles. If you like these Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses as much as I do, you can buy them here

I'm pretty happy with my purchase and my experience with! I'm especially happy that they were so quick to reply to my customer service e-mail and send us out another lens completely free after they made a mistake. I would buy from them again, so they get a 7 out of 8 from me! Great job, Candylens! Check out their entire catalog of lenses and accessories with this link.

Chiffon Crop Blouse

Chiffon Crop Blouse stock photo, I do not own!
Everyone that knows me, knows I have been struggling so much with the new crop blouse trend. I'm not sure if it's the way I'm built in the bust, or if my arms are too short, or what, but I have bought at least 4 different crop blouses, and so far, I've only like two of them. For some reason, the collars of these blouses tend to bunch up really oddly and it just looks so awful, X_X

I saw this blouse while searching for some some Lolita shoes on Ebay, and give that it was only $27, I figured I'd give it a shot. At best, I'd love it, and at worst, I'd hate it and have to sell it, like I've done with those other crop blouses. 

My new blouse!
Well, as fate would have it, I. LOVE. THIS. BLOUSE. I want one in every color! It's so comfortable and it fits so well. And the shipping was crazy fast! I ordered my blouse on Monday, Feb. 26th, and the package arrived by Friday, March 2nd.

Collar and neck-tie details
While I won't say that this blouse is "brand quality", it's certainly on par with many of the other cropped blouses out there. My favorite part about it is the sleeves, though I was a little disappointed to find that they aren't tied with actual drawstrings. Boooooo, T_T

The sleeves.
For a cropped blouse, it's a good length and best of all, it looks awesome underneath my JSK! I grabbed some stuff and put together a quick coord to test it all out. I really want this blouse in black and navy blue now, *___*

Test coord ft. my new blouse!
I was really surprised that I found something is awesome on Ebay! I give this blouse and this shop a 7.5 out of 8! I'm docking half a point because of the fake drawstrings, -_- Ain't nobody got time for false advertisements!

You can grab this blouse from Ebay shop design_planet here. Make sure that you're ordering from the listing that has a faster estimated shipping time, otherwise, it could take several weeks.

That's all for my purchases this week! Have you ordered anything new recently? Talk to me about it in the comment box below!

I have more stuff ordered, and a convention in two weeks, so expect some more posts coming your way! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time, <3

Stay beautiful, stay true,


  1. I have the Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses - those were the first contact lenses I ever bought and I have repurchased them last year when they expired - and I love them. I have naturally green eyes, so I went for these as they seemed to match and I think they match pretty well, whilst also showing up, which is quite an achievement. I'm tempted to try the other lenses from the Princess Mimi series, but since I don't wear contact lenses that often, I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest in them again.


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