Too Much Taobao: My Lolita Wardrobe 2019 (Picture Heavy)


Y'all, I seriously forgot how time consuming these wardrobe posts are. I skipped 2018's post and then I started taking pictures for this year and ohhh my goodness... Three hours and 230+ pictures later, I finally finished.

My camera is still being weird (I'm prettttyyyy sure I'm gonna cut my losses and get a new one) so I apologize if some of the photos have unusual lighting. Without further ado, here's my Lolita Wardrobe in 2019!

The closet!

Main Pieces.

I moved again last year so I had to re-think the way I organize my Lolita. I'm actually really enjoying having a separate closet for my J-Fashion/Cosplay, instead of having all my clothes in one place. It makes it easier to keep track of my things.

Left side of the closet.

Right side of my closet.

Top shelf.

Pro-tip: storage bins are your BFF for storing/moving Lolita fashion. Before I moved, I had to put all my Lolita in a storage unit, and those giant bins came through for me and kept everything safe, dry, and cool.
Storage bins.

Since I have room to display everything now, they're fairly empty, but if I move into a place with a smaller closet than this one, I can store my bags, hats, and most accessories in just one of my two bins.


One is the loneliest number.  My Fanplusfriend coat.
I live in Texas so I only own a single Lolita coat, XP I've been really tempted to sell it, but then I remember that we have freak cold fronts out of nowhere and I miiiiighht need it, and I got such a great deal! I want to look into grabbing some cardigans and boleros, but it's hard to find some that I like, :/


Taobao blouse.

I replaced ALL my blouses, and I couldn't be more happy! I've decided I don't like buttons, X_X

Ebay blouse.

I'd like to get a Hime-style blouse (already in my cart!), a short sleeved black blouse, and a long sleeved navy blouse. After I get those, I think I'll be fine with my blouse selection!

Infanta blouse.

Soufflesong blouse.

Amazon blouse.

Amazon blouse.

One thing I learned last year is that Amazon is a great resource for last minute Lolita! Need some tights for a meet-up this weekend? Amazon Prime. Can't find a hat for the tea party? Amazon Prime. That 2-day shipping is a life-saver!


Soufflesong - Butterfly Cemetery.
I only own one skirt because I still don't like how I look in Lolita skirts. Maybe if I had more blouses, I would look into skirts, buuuuuuuttt, I don't see that happening any time soon, -_-

Jumperskirts (JSKs)

King Eleven - Demon King of this Universe.

Angelic Pretty - Romantic Rose Letter.

BTSSB - Collection Douce Chocolatier.

BTSSB - Shirring Princess.

Lost Forest - Rose Castle JSK.

Das Lied Der Elfen ( Night Falls in Dreams) -
King's Key of Blessings.

Fanplusfriend - Alice Girl Chess Flocky JSK.

Angelic Pretty - Star Night Theater

As is per usual for me, I sold some stuff, lmao. I love all my dresses that I have now, and my closet is *finally* becoming cohesive! YAY!

One Pieces - OPs

Pennyhouse Lolita - Pandora Crown OP.

Pina Sweet Collection - Chiffon OP.

Grove Deer - Moon of Eternal Day OP.

I've been steadily warming up to OPs! I used to think they had no versatility whatsoever, but I'm learning that I was totally wrong. If I grab any more OPs this year, I want to aim for something not black, hahaha. But we'll see how that goes, XP


My hats from left to right: Fox Cherry, Forever 21, Den Lille Idas Blomster.

I keep my three most "squish-able" hats at the top of my closet because I don't want to put them in the bins unless I have to. I leave them out on wig stands, which keeps them safe and out of the way!

From left to right: Taobao wig with Cutie Creator bonnet,
Taobao wig with Cutie Create headband veil
Taobao wig with Fox Cherry French hood.

 I own LOTS of wigs, but I figured it'd be helpful to display them with my headpieces. I will always want more wigs, and I will definitely buy more wigs this year.

From left to right: Cucumber family wig with Taobao headband (I can't recall the brand)
Ardan wig with BTSSB Shirring Princess Headbow
CC Kids wig with Cutie Creator headpiece.

From left to right: Bodyline wig with Claire's flower headband,
Arda wig with Demon King of the Universe headbow,
Twintail CC Kids wig with AP Loyalty Regimental headbow.

I'm surprised by the number of headbows I own because I don't really wear them. I perfer hats and berets a lot more.

My "maxipad" headdresses from The Nightly Thing and Soufflesong.

My beret collection from left to right - 22:00 PM, Fanplusfriend, Ebay,
Amensic Forest, annnnnnd Ebay again!


From left to right: BTSSB Napoleon Fish (Crown) bag,
Milky Way 3-way star bag, Haruhi Clover straw bag,
SmileNASU heart bag, Amensic Forset bag,
Offbrand bag, black Taobao heart bag.
I'm surprised I don't own more bags, but I know I've sold a lot of bags since my last wardrobe post. My purses are pretty cohesive with the rest of my closet, so I don't imagine I'll be getting more unless I find one that I just can't *live* without.


OTKs and ankle socks.

I don't really wear socks that often, so I don't go out of the way to buy them. I prefer tights so I don't see this collection getting any larger.


Top row: Yidhara, Haenuli, Yidhara
Bottom row: Yidhara, Ruby Rabbit, Taobao, Red Maria, Offbrand

These are not all the tights I own, these are just the unique ones. All my other tights are some form of black lace and since my camera doesn't know how to act with darker clothes, I just kept them out of the picture.

I love tights and I feel more comfortable in them. Like wigs, I can never have enough. I'll be buying more in 2019, XP


Six Days multiway shoes.

I can't recall the brand.

Sosic shoes.

Sosic shoes.

From left to right: MoMo, Indigo Rd., Rainbow

I feel like I'm doing really well in the Lolita shoe category! All my shoes suit multiple styles and they go well with the rest of my closet. I want to continue to work on my closet's versatility, so I'll be looking for more shoes with interchangeable pieces to get the most out of each pair.


From top to bottom: BTSSB, Swimmer, and Taobao

I own three parasols, and I won't be getting any more or selling them. I use them when I wear Lolita during the summer time, but I'm always scared I'll lose them so, the fewer I have, the better.


So. Much. Stuff!

Glasses, bows, and flowers.

More glasses.

Lots of navy.

I basically just took all my accessory bins and dumped them on the bedspread. I'd say 90% of my accessories come from Taobao. There's some brand sprinkled in there, but I typically don't spend a lot on these kinds of things because if I lose them, I'd be reallllly upset, X_X 

I want to get more glasses and glasses accessories, and necklaces, but other than that, I feel like I'm doing pretty well in this section too.

Wrist wear/Gloves

Getting rid of gloves in 2019.

After stabbing a hole through my black gloves last year, I quickly realized that lace gloves aren't exactly the best thing for someone with long-ish nails. Since then, I moved more towards wristcuffs and fingerless gloves, and I'm quite happy with that switch. I love the way Red Maria makes their accessories (so many color options!), so I specifically want to buy more wrist wear from them. 

Ordered/On The Way

Grove Deer - Stardust JSK and Cape Set

Lemon Honey - The Snow Princess

Alice Girl - Hime Blouse

Trying a hat from a new shop.

BaoLeGeMao Fairy Tale OP

I hope you enjoyed this look into my Lolita wardrobe in the new year. Pat yourself on the back for sticking through to the end! I'll be back soon with more reviews, advice, tips, and other fun posts, so be sure to visit again later, <3

Until next time, dear readers!

Stay beautiful, stay true,


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