LBC: 5 Ways to Keep Warm in the Winter

After 40 days and 40 nights, I've finally returned with a Lolita post! Even though it's good to have other topics to post about, I have to admit I miss making posts about Lolita fashion. Since it's been soooooo long for me, I decided to pick up a prompt from the LBC. Let's talk about ways to keep warm in Lolita, in the Winter time!

Please take note -- as I'm sure most of you have discovered by now, I live in Texas. I've lived in the Lone Star State since I was five years old, so my definition of "winter" and the temperatures involving it, are very different for you folks that live in areas where the snow piles taller than your car. I'm not about that life anymore, haha.

My family used to live in Michigan when I was little so while I have witnessed snow pile up to the second story window of someone's house, I haven't experienced that type of wintery madness as an adult, thank Mana. Winter for us Texans is around 35-40°F, usually windy, with a chance of ice. We may get snow, but we usually don't.

I just wanted to elaborate on that before I went any further with this prompt. That's not to say that these tips aren't fairly universal, but the clothes one wears for 40°F might not be so helpful when the thermostat is reading negative numbers.

1. Wigs

So... I heard you like wigs, XP

As ridiculous as this sounds, my first go to item when it's cold outside is a wig. Granted, I wear wigs 90% of the time anyway (the other 10% is when I wear braids), but wigs are GREAT for everybody when it's cold because they protect the head from the wind, and unlike hats, they won't blow off if the wind is too fierce.

I have a steadily growing wig collection and I'm always adding to it, but for the cold weather, the longer, heavier, voluminous wigs keep your head and ears warm without sacrificing your kawaii aura Plus, if the wig has bangs? Congrats, now your forehead is nice and toasty too! 

2. Coats/Jackets/Capes

Fanplusfriend stock photo, I do not own!

I purchased my navy coat from Fanplusfriend three years ago (read my review here), and unfortunately, I can count on two hands the number of times I've actually worn it, :/

Still, the few times I needed my Lolita coat, it was there to save me. Honestly, no Lolita can go wrong with having a Lolita coat on standby. Not only are they helpful to have for the winter time, but I personally think it adds a little bit of cute to everyday clothing as well.

A winter coord with my coat.
When choosing a Lolita coat, I highly recommend buying one in the most predominant color in your wardrobe. I purchased my navy coat when I didn't own very much navy, but now, my coat matches most of my closet! Some other versatile options for coat colors would be white, black, or gray. 

3. Turtlenecks

New Year's coord, Jan. 2018.
I looveeee wearing turtlenecks instead of blouses when it's cold! A good turtleneck provides an additional layer of warmth, and depending on how cold (or warm, lol) it is, I don't have to add anything extra to stay both fashionable and cozy.

When wearing turtlenecks with Lolita, I stick with plain ones that won't take away from my coord because those are easier to find locally. However, if you stumble across some fancy turtlenecks with pearls and lace sewn to them, that's even better!

Same turtleneck, different coord.
I dress my turtleneck up with wrist cuffs (or gloves!), but really, the goal here is to keep warm, so you don't actually have to do that.

4. Fleece/Wool Tights

Yidhara stock photo, I do not own!

Tights are probably the most essential item to add to a Lolita wardrobe for the winter, and they're basically a Lolita necessity anyway. I prefer tights to socks for my coords in general, but especially in the winter.

I don't own any wool tights, but I have four pairs of fleece tights, and they have been a life saver! These tights keep my legs and feet nice and toasty when the wind is trying to blow me away. Fleece lined tights are a bit thicker than regular tights though, so be warned -- if you have shoes that are a little tight on your feet, wearing fleece-lined tights with make it worse, X_X 

Coord with my fleece tights.
I highly recommend fleece tights for not only Lolita but daily wear as well. As a corporate employee with a business casual wardrobe of 80% skirts and dresses, fleece tights have helped me winterize my everyday attire too!

Want a pair of my Yidhara tights? Find out where to order them in this review.

5. Earmuffs 

ILD 2014
HA! You thought I was going to suggest hats next, didn't you? Fun fact: Dallas is actually windier than the "Windy City" of Chicago. So, wearing hats in the winter time might look good, but it's not all that helpful. No one wants to chase after their hat in the parking lot, -_-

Earmuffs on the other hand, offer a wide range of benefits: they won't blow off when the wind blows, they serve as an excellent headpiece, they protect my ears, *plus* they're warm as heck! 

Lolita earmuffs also add that little bit of oomph! to a coord, so they're a complete win in my book. I've seen earmuffs sell for a mere $1 at Daiso too, which means it won't break the bank to buy two or three (or four, or five?) pairs to make one's closet winter-ready.

Combined with the power of a wig, there's really no reason to walk around with a cold head in the winter, haha. There are so many cute earmuffs out there that can suit just about any style, so there's really no reason not to buy some!

I know that there were other items I could have mentioned for the winter time such as gloves, scarves, hats, and berets, but I actually use these five items, especially in the winter. Lolitas in colder climates will definitely need more layers, but in my city, it's rare that anyone is bundled up to the point of needing winter boots or super heavy coats.

What are your favorite Lolita items to use in the winter time? Tell me all about it in the comment box below, and I'll see you on the next post! 

Keep warm, my lovely readers, <3

Stay beautiful, stay true,


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