Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taobao Haul #5: Amnesic Forset, Foxcherry, MuFish, Kyouko

Whenever I meet people that are new to the fashion, the first thing that they usually bring up is the cost of Lolita clothing. As a luxury hobby, this fashion sometimes comes with price tags that can certainly give one pause.

I've said on this blog before, however, that there is a way to manage those expenses. My favorite way is and probably always will be, Taobao. The thousands of Taobao shops that offer tights, shoes and accessories are a great way to supplement, and even fill, an entire wardrobe for at a more affordable cost.

This particular Taobao order has been a work in progress for the last three months. I love that Yoybuy lets me purchase my items, one at a time, and will even hold them for me until I'm ready to ship them. As far as Taobao is concerned, I don't think it's wise to pay for shipping on 2 or 3 items when you can ship 5 or 6 items at the same speed. Plus, buying items little by little gives me time to get my funds together for the shipping fee, or to add people on to the order.

My homie, thesportynatural, and I placed this sizable order at the start of April. You can check out her blog here!

We got all our stuff about a week after putting in the shipping request. Yoybuy's E-Express shipping takes anywhere from 5 to 10 business days so that was expected.

I tried lots of new shops this time and many of them were a pleasant surprise! One of the stores is really terrible, however, so I'll make sure to never order from them again.

Let's do this~!

Amnesic Forest

Stock photo, I do not own!

Amnesic Forest is a 5-Diamond Taobao shop that sells a variety of beautiful goodies, like purses, dresses, and berets. This GO was my first time ordering from the shop and I'm really glad I did! I bought two items from them: a purse and a beret. They are part of a matching set which includes a coat, a bag and a beret. I have absolutely no use for a coat in Texas, so I didn't even bother getting it, haha.

Blue bag~!
Let me just say when I opened the box, I screammmedddddddddd~!!! The first thing that greeted me was this beautiful blue baby and I didn't even want to open the packaging because I wanted to protect her from the world, >_<

She's so beautiful~! *sobs*

I love that the bag comes with such elegant accessories. It takes the plainness of the bag and makes it into something BEAUTIFUL for $19.

Currently, the bag is out of stock, but maybe they'll bring it back!

I gave it a 10 out of 8!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, it's so pretty! Have more pics!

Back of the bag

Close up of the bag charm

I was pleased with the beret, but at the same time, I was a little disappointed. It's a bit difficult to show in pictures, but the blue of the beret and the blue of the bag are definitely different shades. I know part of that is due to material, but after looking at the purse's color and seeing how the red set (pictured above) matched so perfectly, I figured the blues would be that way as well. In real life, they aren't even close. The beret is pretty close to navy and the purse is royal blue. 

In pictures, however, they seem to match well enough.

Beret stock photo; I do not own!
The embroidery on the beret is fantastic! I couldn't find any loose threads. I needed a navy beret and I love the little details on it. Also, apologies for the cat hair in the photo -- my homie has cats and I tried the beret on at her house.


So pretty!
All and all, I am 100% satisfied with the items I bought from Amnesic Forest. You can find their website with this link!

I give them an 8 out of 8, yall! I'm definitely keeping an eye on this shop in the future!


I discovered Kyouko accidently while browsing another one of my wig shops. The photography on the site is beautiful and the prices are good. In addition to offering Lolita wigs, Kyouko offers fashion wigs and a few cosplay wigs as well.

Twintail wig stock photo! I do not own!
I wanted this twintail wig specifically because of the way it looks with a single ponytail. I will never, ever wear this wig with both tails because it looks funky to me. I'd totally be okay with just wearing the base wig though -- it's pretty cute!

Crappy bathroom selfie~! Yay...
I took pictures in different lighting to give you guys a feel for the wig's shade. Sometimes it looks like a reddish brown and then other times, it looks it has highlights! I love the complexity of the colors.

This is the face of a girl who watches K-Drama til 2 am
I took some pics of the ponytail attachments as well. Again, I love the look of the single ponytail, but the twintails look weird.


Noooooooo. I'm so ashamed!

The fibers of the wig are soft and smooth. The wig cap feels nice and fits securely on my head; it wasn't too tight or too loose. I loveeee the colors in this wig though.

7 out of 8 for Kyouko~! You can locate the shop with this link!


Sailor bow stock photo, I do not own!
When I first got into the fashion, I heard that the Foxcherry accessory shop takes 5everrrrrr to make and ship their items. I'm not sure how long ago that was, but I absolutely didn't have that problem with my order. Every piece was where it was advertised to be.

Look at the little anchors~!
Now, I'm not sure if I just wasn't paying attention or if I simply didn't care when I ordered it, but I didn't even notice that the bow had different metals until I opened up the package. I don't understand why the heck Foxcherry thought it was a good idea to have a random gold anchor with *alllllll* the silver on this bow, but they did it, O_o

I personally think it retracts from the cuteness of the piece, but at the same time -- I should have looked at that when I ordered it.

For craftsmanship and appearance, I give them a 5 out of 8. I think the bow is super cute, but those mismatching metals give me pause.

Check out Foxcherry's Taobao storefront here.

Mu Fish

Black ankle socks stock photo! I do not own!
I order from Mu Fish a lot, so I won't waste anyone's time by singing their praises (again). I bought some ankle socks, and they all fit. Haha, I really don't have much else to say, XP

Sax ankle socks stock photo! I do not own!
Black ankle socks, plain ankle socks, sax ankle socks

Mojiangxiaopu, or Mexican Sauce Shop (LOL!)

Hair clip (bow) stock photo! I do not own!

Translating the name of this Taobao store had me in stitches. Seriously Taobao, what even???

Mojiangxiaopu, called Mexican Sauce Shop by Google Translate, is a 4-Diamond shop with a bunch of adorable accessories. Their inventory ranges from scepters, hair bows, and hair clips to veils and boater hats. The shop's pictures are heavily edited with glitter effects and perfect lighting. I was so amused and in awe of just how pretty everything looked, so I took a shot and ordered a versatile clip.

And let me tell y'all~!

Not only is it super pretty, but the folks at Mexican Sauce Shop (that name though, haha) packaged their items with *care*. In addition to the bow being wrapped lovingly in bubble wrap, it was placed inside of a box with perfect measurements to prevent the bow from moving an inch during delievery.

Check the bubble wrapz!
Most Taobao items come in a thin, little plastic bag, but not this baby! I truly appreciated the effort the shop took to keep my items safe. I was touched by it, honestly.

Ahhhhhhhhhh~! I can't believe I own this!
The clip (bow?) has both an alligator clip on the back of it as well as a safety pin to use it as a brooch. I plan on using it both ways, and also ordering more, <3

8 out of 8 because I could not be more pleased.

You can see my clip and more items on Mojiangxiaopu's website.


Headdress stock photo. I do not own! 
I don't know how to say this nicely so I'll just be honest -- this place sucks. Their page is littered with stolen photos and I'm pretty sure 90% of the shop is made up of crappy replicas. On top of that, their craftsmanship is poor and they use bad materials.

0 out of 8, DO NOT BUY. I can't say I'm surprised after looking further at their inventory, but I didn't expect to get something so ridiculous.

Those bows look pitiful!
The images look nothing alike. I have no idea what to do with this headdress -- I wouldn't give this to my worst enemy.

I won't give you guys a link to this place. There's nothing there worth buying, >_>

Yilia Lolita

Blouse stock photo! I do not own!
I've purchased a blouse from Yilia Lolita before and LOVED IT! Since I thoroughly enjoyed my first blouse from them, I bought another one. My only complaint with this shop is that all of their blouses are hella see-through. Given the material though, it's to be expected. 

Also, fair warning -- the buttons on these things do not like humans, haha. It takes a bit to button the blouses because the buttons fit snugly in the button holes. It's worth the effort!

Front of the blouse

Close up of the lace

Pearl buttons

Lace on the sleeves

Back of the blouse
I won't rate Yilia again because I've already given them a rating. Their blouses fit comfortably and are breathable. For the price, mostly every item in their store is worth it.

You can find more blouses and tops on the shop's page.

All and all, this was a successful haul~! As I prepare for A-Kon 27, I'll be making more posts to discuss my experience with Taobao reservations, SpreeNow and buying items from a Japanese second-hand shop called Wunderwelt!

Made any new purchases recently?? Tell me all about it in the comment box below~!

Like always: Stay beautiful, stay true,



  1. Good Lord, that is quite a haul. But it looks like it was well worth it. I'm also glad you wrote about it - I never heard of any of these Taobao shops, but having read your opinion I think I'll be giving them a go, especially Yilia Lolita and the Mexican Sauce Shop (you're right, that is a hysterical translation!).

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad these reviews are helpful to you!