Thursday, January 14, 2016

Honey, I Shrunk My Wardrobe (2016 Wardrobe post)


I can't believe it's 2016! Oh my goodness gracious, y'all! We made it to another year! Congratulations, everyone!

I'm sure you guys remember the drill from last year -- it's a new year so that means a new wardrobe post! This year, my wardrobe seemed to both shrink and grow at the same time. I got a lot of new purses and blouses, but the number of main pieces I own has lowered considerably. Hopefully, I'll be able to add in some new pieces this year, but my goal is to further expand on what I already have, and make my wardrobe flourish into a fully-functional closet.

Without further ado, let's take a look into the Lolita closet of Saxon Blues~!


Only 3 pieces!
My Lolita outerwear is almost completely made up of Fanplusfriend. They make really great coats and vests! From left to right: my brown Fanplusfriend vest, navy Fanplusfriend coat, and then my Bunny House bunny bolero. I want to order more boleros (and blouses) from Bunny House in the future!


All the blouses~!!

Whoa, this is WAY more than last year. I'm actually pretty excited about my blouse collection. My plan for this year is to get blouses in a few more colors, especially pink and navy. 

Starting in the upper left-hand corner, top row, from left to right: Fanplusfriend, The Floral Notebook, Thrifted Blouse. Middle row: Bodyline, The Floral Notebook, Mochi's Boutique. Front row: Taobao and Best Wish (also Taobao).


Poor skirts, T_T
My terrible selling habits are the most reflected in this portion of my wardrobe. Last year, I had 5. This year, I am down to a mere 3. This is definitely a work in progress. My dilemma with skirts comes from a combination of issues. Hopefully, I can find a good solution this year. Regardless, these three skirts are very dear to me, <3 

From left to right, starting from the back row: gray Bodyline skirt L353, Meta's Rose Letter in Black x Navy, BTSSB Queen of Snow ~The White Kingdom From Which A Fairy Lands Gently~ skirt.


From left to right: BTSSB's Collection Douce Chocolatier, Sailor Taobao dress
My JSK collection has stayed the exact same size. I could say that technically, it's grown, but I moved one JSK over to the OP section since *gasp* I actually have OPs this year! Yassssss!

From left to right: F+F Alice Chess Flocky JSK, Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater


From left to right: AP's French Cafe, Haenuli's Dreaming Cinderella
2015 was a hard year for me. A lot happened and I'm glad I was able to get through it. My reward -- a dream dress in the form of AP's French Cafe~! W0000t~! I love this freaking dress! My goal last year was to get more OPs and I did it! I have two (though Dreaming Cindy is a weird hybrid dress), yay! I'm eyeing several more so here's hoping this section of my collection grows, ^__^


All the shoes!

My shoe collection exploded! I need to get a pair of pink shoes, a pair of red shoes, and maaayyybbbee a gold pair, and then I'll be doing pretty well as far as footwear goes.

The pairs at the top row are all Taobao. On the bottom row, from left to right: MoMo Victorian shoes, Bodyline (x2) and Sosic Shop (Taobao).


You can never have enough bags right?
Here is another section where my wardrobe grew immensely. Last year, I barely had any purses, and now 10 bags?! I'm pretty content with what I have but I definitely have a purse problem, lol.

The top row, from left to right: Offbrand, BTSSB Napoleon fish crown bag, Biscuit bag (replica), Swimmer Alice card bag. Middle row, from left to right: Taobao (x3), AP Star bag. Bottom Right corner: Taobao and Offbrand.


And some wigs!

Yaaaayyy, I own hats! I want more though. The hats on the back row, from left to right: Taobao, Forever 21, Fanplusfriend, and Mochi's Boutique! All of my berets come from Ebay, except the sax one; that's also Fanplusfriend.

My headbands on the bed look so lonely.
My earmuffs are from Pinky Girls (Taobao), the blue rose headband is from Alice Garden (Taobao), the final two headbands on the back row are from Sweet Dreamer (formerly known as CiCi Works, also Taobao).

The other headbands/crowns are: Offbrand (x2), AP French Cafe, and the crowns are from Sweet Dreamer.


All my accessories~!
Because I'm super lazy, I didn't get any pictures of my footwear. The amount of socks/tights I own hasn't changed all that much, so if you guys are super curious, just check last year's post. The amount of accessories I own, however, has expanded to pins, glasses and all sorts of crazy things! I'm always adding to it.


I'm pretty pleased with the organization of my wardrobe at this point in time. I definitely want to add more to it, but I'll just take it one day at a time! 

What changed the most about your wardrobe between this year and last year? Sound off in the comment box below!

Stay beautiful, stay true,


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