Bodyline Review #2: Skirt L353, Wig 048 and Wig 045

Hello, loves~!

So first things first, I changed my blog name. As all-encompassing as "Little Kitchen Sink" sounded, it wasn't the kawaii-est of names, so introducing my new blog name -- Saxon Blues!!!

Welcome to my blog, once again. I doubt a name change will make me update more often (lol), but at least I'll sound cuter while doing it!
Today's blog post is dedicated to Bodyline! I ordered some stuff from them for my birthday meet-up (it was a twinning meet, you guys!) and got free shipping! My friend and I ordered two skirts and two matching wigs, then I bought another wig and a wig stand on my own.

Recently, Bodyline changed their website layout and I really enjoy it! It's pretty easy to navigate and I love that they have a place for customers to leave reviews. I think that will be extremely helpful for newer Lolitas that aren't too sure about the quality of certain items.

My Bodyline order!
The items took around two weeks to get to me with the usual airmail. I tried to give myself some extra time to wait for my items though because I have heard before that free Bodyline shipping can take anywhere from two weeks to several months. It's best to keep that in mind when placing your own order with them!

Bodyline Skirt L353

Bodyline stock photo, I DO NOT OWN!

I lovveeeeeeee this skirt. The color is so beautiful and vivid, the quality is *actually* great and it fits like a dream. I purchased the skirt in a 2L and it fit very well. I also tried on my friend's size L in the same color and I could fit that too! This skirt has a good amount of stretch on it and it's super flattering. I'm in love, <3

So lovely~! *____*

I paid $39.99 for the skirt. For the price and the quality, I would have no problems paying that again. To be honest, I'm eyeing those other colorways as well. This floral beauty gets an 8 out of 8 from me~! Keep it up, Bodyline.

Wig 048

Bodyline stock photo! I do not own~!

Man, I was sooo disappointed in this wig. I can't complain too much because it was only $10, but Bodyline reallllyyy needs to work on their color wheels for their wigs. It's so hard to tell what color is what and the additional numbers (for example 5-2, etc) for their splits are pretty confusing because you don't know which color is the overall color and which one is the split.

On top of that, there aren't many reviews for this wig, so I ended up ordering a color that's super unflattering to my skin tone.

I bought this adorable bob in "Separate 2-5". For future reference, the color on the *left* (on their wig sample sheet) is the color of the split and the color on the *right* is the overall wig color. Hella confusing, I know.

Quarter-split bob

Honestly, the overall color of the wig just didn't match well with my skin tone. I'm probably going to sell it. For what it's worth, though, the wig is soft and super cute! It's also pretty cheap. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to sell this wig, T_T

Sorry Bodyline, you guys get a 3 out of 8 from me. Please represent the colors of your split wigs better.

Wig 045

Wig 045 stock photo, I do not own!

This adorable wig was a pleasant surprise! I thought for sure, I would try this on and hate it. Instead, I feel in love! It's so adorable and the curls are super cute! It's a little weird because it's actually more like a twin-tail wig -- in the sense that there are two little ponytails permanently attached to the wig. My biggest concern with this little curly delight is when those curls start to fall. The best part? It looked great on BOTH my friend and I!

We ordered our wigs in color "Nphbrown-4". It's a darker brown color with a bit of a lighter tint to it. This wig looks amazing with hats, <3

I love my $1 wig stand, lol

The permanent ponytails do give the wig a bit of a "hump" at the top, but it's hardly noticeable. That's also why the wig is fantastic under hats; they'll hide the rounded tops if that's something that will bother you later.

For $15, I'd buy this wig again! It's so adorable and it's absolutely perfect for summer. I just wish they offered it in more colors. I'll give the Wig 045 a 7 out of 8, because those ponytails are somewhere between weird and adorable as heck.

And now for a coord pic~! Here's the coord we put together with these awesome items! We were going for a country look. I have no idea why we posed in front of tires, bahaha.

We're twins~! (Not really, haha)

Have you ordered anything from Bodyline recently or even been to their new website? What do you think about it? Tell me all about it in the comment box!

Stay beautiful, stay true.



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